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The ABK School
About the ABK School at Jibe City Bonaire
We're excited about the ABK School at Jibe City Bonaire.

Lessons at the ABK School are offered on a lesson-by-lesson basis, using the same teaching method that has been developed by ABK BoardSports for 36 years in more than 1083 multi-day camp sessions across the United States and Caribbean. Every instructor at the ABK School teaches the ABK way, in which every piece of the learning process has been carefully thought out to link to the next piece of the process. Private lessons, video lessons, and group lessons are all available.

Whether you've never ever windsurfed or you're ready to learn to loop, the ABK School will put you on your way to success in a fun, friendly, and unintimidating environment.

Lessons are scheduled on-site at Jibe City Bonaire only, and can be arranged individually or in groups. Group video lessons are also available in which you will be filmed on the water, along with instruction and analysis—there's no better way to improve your sailing technique.

ABK School at Jibe City Bonaire
Lesson type Price Description
Group Beginner Lesson$50.00    Includes rental gear<br>1 hour with instructor<br>1 extra hour with gear
Group Lesson$60.00    1 hour and 15 minutes<br>Maximum 4 people
Group Lesson 5-pack$250.00    5 group lessons<br>A total of 6 hours and 15 minutes<br>Can be used by one person only<br><span class='attention'>A $50 discount off the normal group rate</span>
Private Lesson$130.00    1 hour and 15 minutes
Private Lesson 5-pack$550.00    5 private lessons<br>A total of 6 hours and 15 minutes<br><span class='attention'>A $100 discount off the normal private rate</span>
Group Video Lesson$200.00    3 hours<br>Group lesson, videotaping, and analysis