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ABK Hood River
Perfect your skills in the legendary Gorge
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Available dates: July 2nd through August 24th 2008

In the Gorge, call (541) 490-4496.

Along with our Gorge partners at Isthmus Sailboards we're excited to announce the opening of the ABK School at Hood River, the windsurfing capital of the Columbia River Gorge. Every summer, the Gorge transforms into the North American center of the windsurfing world, and for good reason—the winds absolutely blow, morning to night. The scenery? Unparalleled in the windsurfing world. On the Oregon side of the river stands Mount Hood, and on the Washington side, Mount Adams, standing like sentries over the river gorge. The town? A charming collection of outdoor sports shops, terrific restaurants, well-preserved Craftsman homes, and windsurfers everywhere.

It's little wonder that many of the biggest names in windsurfing do product development and testing in the Gorge. You'll find conditions ranging from flat water learning sites to huge rolling swell. Want port ramps? Starboard ramps? Big swell? Small swell? Flat water? Just drive a few miles and pick your spot. The width and bends in the Columbia River allow you to pick different conditions every day. And because the Columbia typically flows against the wind, you'll find that the apparent wind is not only stronger, but you'll never have to struggle to stay upwind.

But the Gorge isn't just for experts—the Hook is a terrific spot for beginners to work on the basics in an unintimidating setting with flat, shallow water. When you're feeling a bit more confident, you can sail further out from the Hook into the stronger winds mid-river. Feeling really confident? Just a few tacks upwind (but remember, downriver), and you can make your way into the higher winds and bigger swell of the Hatchery. The Hook is, without a doubt, one of the world's great places to learn.

Very few windsurfing destinations can match the Gorge for it's variety of sailing conditions, consistency of wind, charm, and breathtaking beauty. Come see for yourself at the ABK School at Hood River.

ABK Hood River discount! Purchase group lesson 5-packs here