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February 10, 2018
The ABK crew are the greatest, always knowing exactly what you need to do to improve your windsurfing. Thanks to the cumulative tips and encouragement of Andy, Derek, Brendon and Britt, I finally started putting the pieces together enough to plane clew-first in a jibe — for the very first time, at age 71.
Submitted by:Willem van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
September 26, 2017

Just got back from an outstanding clinic out on Long Island. Great instruction, people & time. Andy, Brendan, Tom, Ed, Clayton, and the legendary Dasher, all contributing greatly. Good group of campers too. A couple of my Hudson river sailors, New Jersey & Long Islanders, all of us getting better, you can’t beat it. Looking forward to the next one.

Submitted by:michael jamieson    |   Location:sloatsburg, new york    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
March 25, 2017

I attended the January 30—February 3, 2017 clinic. As always, Andy, Derek, Tom, Brendon, and Farrah gave dedicated, insightful instruction. They are amazingly good at pushing, encouraging, and critiquing their clients. I will always keep coming back in order to achieve my windsurfing goals.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
September 19, 2016

I have been to many, many ABK clinics over the years…I’ve lost count but my guess is this last was the 22nd. And I learned plenty and had a great time, as did my wife (lots of women at this camp…very easy on the eyes.) My stoke for windsurfing is supercharged. Thank you Tom, Brendan, and mighty Andy!

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
March 8, 2016

I attended the ABK clinic in Bonaire (Feb/Mar 2016) opting to focus on light wind freestyle (despite the opportunity to also improve my high winds skills under ABK guidance). I had so much fun.

The instructors (Andy, Brandon, Derek and Tom) were all superb, being highly skilled in technique and teaching, while also being incredibly patient and observant of any slight mistake. Even when not on “official duty”, they were always giving advice and specially encouragement. Over the 5 days of the clinic, I learned so much and progressed infinitely quicker
than if I had taken just a windsurfing lesson, practising by myself afterwards and making the same mistake over and over again.

I am still amazed at the progress I made during this trip to Bonaire. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend the ABK clinic to windsurfers of all abilities. We plan to attend a Bonaire clinic next year.

Submitted by:Corinne    |   Attended:Bonaire
October 4, 2015

Awesome Fall clinics at Hyannis and Long Island. We all need lessons and I feel so lucky to “get better, here!” Thanks to Andy and his staff, I’m enjoying and doing the great sport of windsurfing both as an instructor and windsurfing.

Submitted by:Coach Ned    |   Location:Cornwall on Hudson, NEW YORK    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 21, 2015

Wow! This new website looks fantastic!

Submitted by:Moby    |   Location:San Francisco, California    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
September 15, 2015

another great clinic ! Thanks again to Andy, Brendon, Ed, Tom and Ned. these guys know their stuff. The professional instruction and feedback not only helped me to correct mistakes I was making but also allowed me to progress further and faster than I ever would by myself. Refined my planing jibes, worked on carve 360’s. Got my first light wind duck tacks, push tacks, clew first upwind 360 and sail body 360 ALL in one clinic. awesome job guys !
A ++

Submitted by:Jeff    |   Location:Worcester , Ma    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
August 31, 2015

i believe the “quack,quack” has been here long enough. please…….. someone write a review.

Submitted by:lou rijff    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
August 31, 2014

Quack, Quack, got the duck tack! Thank you guys. see you in October.
cheers Tommy d.

Submitted by:tom deHaan    |   Location:Kingston , New york    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
August 6, 2014

This camp taught me so many windsurfing essentials. The staff is excellent from top to bottom. With their help I even had some success at water starting for the first time. Maybe a bigger thing though is my confidence level and enthusiasm has increased; just made my own simulator to practice what I learned.

Submitted by:Steve Kottenstette    |   Location:SF Bay Area, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 24, 2014

Well my wife and I had finally decided to take an ABK windsurfing camp. We have never taken a lesson before and now realize how much we could have been improving had we done so a lot sooner.
We had such a great time that we decided that we will likely make this an annual event. Andy was awesome and has certainly shown that there is always something new and fun that anyone can learn. Brendan and Skip were also great.

What was truly amazing is that we both not only learned a lot about several moves that we were interested in, my wife learned a fin first upwind 360 in a day and never sailed fin first before.
And I learned to do a planning upwind 360 in the straps in one day, WOW!
No matter what your level, you will learn something, and .highly recommend going to a camp. You will love it and will likely make it an ongoing thing.

Submitted by:Erik    |   Location:Folsom, California    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
April 6, 2014

I attended the “doctors camp” in March 2014 in Bonaire. This was my sixth time to Bonaire. For me this is an ideal location, warm water, shallow, steady winds, good equipment, great instructors. I’m not a great athlete but I see myself steadily improving. great way to spend a week. Look forward to doing it next year. I’m 58. youngest in the clinic was probably 10 and oldest was 80. The people in the clinic went from the rank beginner, never on a board to the “flying dutchman” who was flying literally on that board.
would recommend it highly.
Andy is an interesting man. He remembers people from 20 years ago. He can take one look at you and can tell you what you need to change.

hope to see you all next year.


Submitted by:Stan Feinberg    |   Location:Toronto, Ontario    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 21, 2014

took part in the North Carolina camp a few years ago.
I am now 75 years old but still remember the great time i had and are longing to do it again.
andy and his crew know their stuff and are able to help you improve tremendously .
hope to see you this fall in Hatteras.

Submitted by:Rijff Senior    |   Location:Trenton, on    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
July 8, 2013
THIS IS TRULY THE BEST WAY TO LEARN WINDSURFING. I’m a 14 and have only been windsurfing for three summers. Entering this class, I wanted to learn how to power jibe and wanted to go across the river without being afraid. By the time I left the class, I was able to go across the river planing, in the foot straps no problem, and I learned how to power jibe. Not only did I learn those things, I also learned the planing tack, chop-hop, carving 360, and a vulcan (can’t do yet but cant wait to try). Over all, the camp was one of the best experiences of all the sports camps that i’ve done. This is recommended to people of all skill levels. (Those who have never sailed to very very good ones) I guarantee you will learn something at ABK.
Submitted by:Alex Mertens    |   Location:San Jose, California    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
May 29, 2013

The April 2013 session in Corpus was awesome! Thanks to the instructors for their assistance/patience and to Worldwinds for the use of their facility. I had a great time.

Submitted by:Susan Mendez    |   Location:Dallas, Texas    |   Attended:Corpus Christi, Texas
March 16, 2013

Just had a terrific clinic. Andy and his crew do a good job of trying to meet everyone’s needs.
I learned how to deep water start which for me was one of my real goals.
I got more comfortable in the foot straps.
if i can learn how to jibe next year…..
you tend to have a nice group of people in the clinic. overall a positive experience
all the staff really love windsurfing.
andy loves to teach

Submitted by:stan    |   Location:Toronto, Canada    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 5, 2013

Thanks to Andy and Brendan for an amazing clinic in Bonaire. We really appreciate the energy, passion and expertise – learned a ton and can’t wait for the next clinic. Take care guys,

Ross & Beth

Submitted by:Ross     |   Location:Toronto, Ontario    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 4, 2013

Many thanks to Andy and Brendan for another great camp! Bonaire was absolutely wonderful. The warm, crystal clear aqua blue water, the sun, and perfect temperatures, not to mention great wind made for ideal conditions! Windsurf heaven at jibe city where the people are helpful and friendly. Can’t wait for next time! Steve and Jas

Submitted by:Steve    |   Location:montreal, Quebec    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 1, 2013

Hey Andy,
Trying to get a hold of Katie White.. we went to UCSB together, shared an apartment, and I also hung out w’ her husband’s (Brian) pal Dean before Katie met him… and eventually married him & had 4 kids last I heard from her.
Been living in Aussieland & NZ doing some dolphin eco-work & film work. Back in SB just for another month, so would love to try & get a hold of her.
ABK is the initials of her & her siblings.
Here’s my mobile: 805-637-8086

Dolphin thanks,

Submitted by:Dove    |   Location:Santa Barbara, CA   
February 22, 2013

Thanks a lot for such great camp.
I learned so much and it was lots of fun with all guys from ABK as well the other persons from the camp. I will definitely join a camp again next year.
so we see us on Bonaire ;)

Submitted by:Matthias Koch    |   Location:Munich, Germany    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 10, 2013

I should elaborate some more on the clinic I just completed. In addition to the very satisfying jibe (ABK video: that ABK instruction made possible, in light winds I learned how to do a clew-first tack and the use of mast base pressure for greatly improved stability. Plus, thanks to Brendon’s perceptive tips, I made huge progress in my lee-side sailing (from which the helicopter tack will surely follow). Not to mention lots of things like switch-foot pivot jibes, clew-first beach starts, sail 180’s… None of this would be possible or even dreamed of without ABK.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 9, 2013

Was a great clinic. Windy all week. Thanks to Andy, Brendon and Derek for great instruction, and Meredith for a good dvd. Was a totally fun group, laughed all week as we all improved by leaps and bounds. Janice

Submitted by:Janice    |   Location:Darlington, MD    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 8, 2013

Today was the last day of another great clinic taught by Andy, Derek and Brendon, all three of whom are terrifically perceptive and skilled windsurfing teachers. Even though the wind was relatively light (Last week was way windier.), I made good progress in my planing jibes and completed one of my best ever - on camera (see As usual in light winds, the ABK guys had us do lots of very useful sail and board-handling moves. I especially am stoked to go home and do some sail-chi on land even before it’s warm enough in PA for a full wetsuit.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
October 22, 2012

Thank you Andy, Brendon, Tom and Eric! You gave us an unbelievable insight into windsurfing and your ever positive attitude and energy is amazing! Can’t wait to return next year!

P.S. I just had 2 great sessions this week and started to hit those elusive jibes! I am invincible :-)

Submitted by:Boris    |   Location:Ashland, MASSACHUSETTS    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
October 9, 2012

Should have gone to ABK 10 years ago. What was I thinking? My wife and I had world class instruction on the beach and in the water from Andy, Brendon, and Tom. Also learned a lot of windsurfing “drills” for the land and water that really improved my sail handling skills. The atmosphere was very friendly and comfortable. Andy and his staff have a passion to teach windsurfing and have a genuine interest in making you a better sailor. The staff also analyzed my sails and advised me on how to rig them correctly. We are definitely going again next year.

Submitted by:Ken Hoff    |   Location:Point Pleasant, NJ    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
October 9, 2012

Should have gone to ABK 10 years ago. What was I thinking? My wife and I had world class instruction on the beach and in the water from Andy, Brendon, and Tom. Also learned a lot of windsurfing “drills” for the land and water that really improved my sail handling skills. The atmosphere was very friendly and comfortable. Andy and his staff have a passion to teach windsurfing and have a genuine interest in making you a better sailor. The staff also analyzed my sails and adviced me on how to rig them correctly. We are definitely going again next year.

Submitted by:Ken Hoff    |   Location:Point Pleasant, NJ    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
October 4, 2012

Thanks again to Andy, Brendon, Tom and Ed (hey, and Graham too!) for another great camp. It never ceases to amaze me how Andy not only knows what you’re doing wrong, but what you’re thinking when your doing it. The Windsurfing Whisperer ! Some great advice with my jibe technique and upwind 360’s. Also a bunch of other tricks to start trying.

Submitted by:Jeff    |   Location:Worcester, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
October 4, 2012

Loved it, thank you!

Given that I am new to the camp, Tom asked me to give some feedback as it might be a fresh perspective.

In general, I thought the organization, structure and instruction was fantastic. 10yrs ago when I sailed, I had the mindset that it wasn’t worth going out on the water if the winds were light. I now realize that light winds can be used very productively – in fact, I think it would be difficult to learn the fundamentals of heli-tacks, sail-180s, duck-jibes, etc in heavy winds. My one suggestion would be to have students to do more dry-land sail-handling exercises. I found the onshore sail handling very helpful, especially when learning maneuvers that require the sailor to bring the clew into or through the wind. When on the water, you have to think about balance, foot position, etc…all important but for me the critical issue was understanding my body position and the sail’s position when the mast isn’t in its traditional position relative to my body.

I had a great time and was thrilled to sail again after a 10yr hiatus. I am really motivated to and excited to bring my skill level up considerably.

Andy – I think you run a fantastic program and I am hooked. Tom, Brandon, Ed and Eric were incredibly helpful. I will do my best to be at your next hamptons clinic in the spring (my wife is expecting a little boy on Feb 28…he will be a sailor and a skier). I hope you and the crew have a great winter.

Warm regards,


Submitted by:George Shilowitz    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
October 3, 2012

Great camp, I enjoyed the 3 days in Hyannis. I’m brand new to the sport and this camp exposed me to more than I could have learned in a year. I’ll be back.

Thanks for all the great tips.

Submitted by:John Ryan    |   Location:Mattapoisett, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 24, 2012

Hey guys,

Here is a link to view some photographs that I took during the Hyannis, MA camp on 091512.

James K Lindley

Submitted by:James K Lindley    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 18, 2012

Another exceptional clinic on Cape Cod! Thanks Andy, Brandon, Tom and Ed for all the lessons and most importantly correction and advice on the water. I advance more in a couple of days of clinic with you (and the gang of Cape Cod regulars) than I do in a year of practicing alone. Feeling recharged and with lots of homework for the coming year. Got very close on my planing jibes (made a couple without getting wet finally!) and starting to get a feel for the heli-tack after this clinic. Looking forward to Bonaire this winter!

Submitted by:Alex    |   Location:Waltham, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 11, 2012


Don’t know if I’ll attend all 5 days but have flexibility during the week.

See you soon!

Submitted by:Bob Bradlee    |   Location:Virginia Beach, VA    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
August 12, 2012

Thanks guys. I feel my self climbing out of my Rutt! I am actually jibing better now and expect to do better with practice. Your nice and very good teachers! Thanks again and see you next time.

Submitted by:TerrI    |   Location:Rio vista, Ca    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 20, 2012

Thanks for a great clinic! The ABK teachers are truly the best and my windsurfing is definitely at a higher level. Can’t wait to attend again.

Submitted by:Leora    |   Location:San Francisco , CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 19, 2012

Thanks you Andy, Brandon, Jason and Meredith! A major objective for me was to learn water starting during the camp. Mission accomplished! I water started consistently once I was back in the bay. I also got into the foot straps. And I learned so much more and had sooooo much fun! You guys are simply amazingly good teachers :-)

Submitted by:Sepi    |   Location:Berkeley, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 17, 2012

Andy got me over the hump on my Carve 360. I had been stuck at a Carve 340, never able to finsih the move because of a sinking tail. I’m now close to a Hoss Tack & forward loop, all things that would not have been possible without ABK!

Submitted by:Skip Gonsalves    |   Location:Sacramento, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 30, 2012

Excellent!! Positive and constructive instruction from Brendan and Andy made this yet another enjoyable 3 days. Both my wife (Shannon) and I enjoyed learning new techniques that have helped correct bad habits and become more confident sailors as a result of that expert training. We are looking forward to attending more camps in the future. Keep up the good work ABK !!

Submitted by:David Goddard    |   Location:Morgan Hill, Ca    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
June 7, 2012

I can’t thank you guys enough for the instruction I received at the clinic – amazing how little changes can make such a big difference in my sailing! Thanks for correcting my bad habits and for your exceptional patience with me in learning new skills (Tom and Christopher in particular!). I should have come to ABK years ago – it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. The combo of on-land instruction and on-water moment-to-moment guidance are invaluable. I will forever have the visual of Andy and Tom craning their necks with straightened arms demonstrating the correct upwind stance (wide grin included!). I look forward to capturing the ever elusive planning jibe one of these days! And look forward to seeing everyone again in September.

Submitted by:Marah Shiels    |   Location:Rumson, NJ    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
June 4, 2012

I just had my first planing session since the ABK camp and I can’t tell you how much the things I learned improved my session! Andy had only discussed upwind planing stance (we didn’t have the wind for a demonstration), and like magic I blasted so far upwind I couldn’t believe it! I was so far upwind that Ed DeHart was like “Where’s Will going?” So many techniques from the clinic came back to me: hands close together so the sail self-trims, arms working independently, tacking (I’m getting close!), I even employed waterstarting techniques I learned by reading Andy’s article in the recent Windsport mag. The clinic is paying huge dividends, and I am VERY stoked! Thank you again!!!

Submitted by:Will Seibert    |   Location:Ridgefield, CT    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 27, 2012

I cannot explain the value of an ABK Clinic. The Staff is totally professional, knowledgable and down-to-earth. I especially enjoyed the individualized attention and how organized everthing was. I learned about how to correct my stance, tacks, jibes and pivot jibes. Brendan’s session on how to rig was especially helpful, because there have been many times when I rig and my sail is flying all over the place. Everything he said just MADE SENSE! Andy gets Kudos for dealing with ALL us students and different personalities….as well as working with Marianne with the Joe Rocco Scholarship, which I benefited from. If it were not for the Scholarship and Andy, I would not have been able attend. Last but not least, I wish to thank my instructor, Christopher for his excellent instruction with us (especially dealing with me on Sunday)! Christopher practices what he preaches, and really helped me focus on the importance of stance. Tacks and Jibes will be an on-going work-in-progress. Tom has been an uplifting member of the staff for me…he wasn’t my instructor for the clinic, but he did offer words of encouragement and advice that was RIGHT ON TIME! I cannot wait for the next ABK Clinic to come back around here! I encourage ANYONE who is a windsurfer or who WANTS to become a windsurfer to take the clinic.

Submitted by:Thandi Bradix    |   Location:Westchester, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 27, 2012

I learned three very important things at my last ABK clinlc. Can’t tell you what they are or I’d have to kill you. Seriously though, I’ve said it before, an ABK experience is the best piece of equipment you can buy with your windsurfing dollars. When I finally got into this sport about ten years ago, after avoiding it forever because of all the misery I’d seen. I bought a lot of race gear from one of the more experienced local sailors. He sold me stuff that I wasn’t ready for, which added to the misery. The one thing he did do for me though, and for that I forgive him for all else, was tell me to get to an ABK clinic. I’m lucky that I started early. I know a lot of sailors, kind of set in their ways, who won’t go, for various reasons. It’s kind of like stopping for directions, men don’t. Maybe that’s why there seem to be a higher percentage of women sailors at ABK than overall men to women windsurfers. That could be more incentive to all those still sitting on the fence. You’ve probably heard that cliche " The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome". Well that pretty much describes my windsurfing career. But then, one of the instructors suggests that I move my hand, tweak stance, or one of many small adjustments, and it changes everything. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can have the biggest impact. I now have the tools to put my insanity on hold for a while, and have much to practice before I go back for a tune-up in the fall. Can’t wait! Thanks to Andy, Brendan, Tom, Christopher,& Eric. Missed you Ed & Meredith. Great job as always.

Submitted by:michael Jameison    |   Location:sloatsburg, ny    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 21, 2012

Thank you to Andy, Tom, Brendan and Christopher for such an amazing experience. I truly felt like a college student sent back to first grade, and boy did I need it! My fundamentals were so off after decades of self teaching. I was totally converted to the joys of light wind sailing, and have ordered myself a sailable sup. i can’t wait to get in the waves! Thank you!!!

Submitted by:Will Seibert    |   Location:Ridgefield, CT    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 21, 2012

This camp is awesome. I’ve had various instructors around the world but the ABK camp instructors are the best. I came further in one weekend with them than prior years.

Submitted by:Joanne Boyne    |   Location:Napeague, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 20, 2012

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend of nonstop windsurfing, fun, and learning. I learned a ton of new tricks and fundamental skills. I cannot wait to attend the fall session. What a blast! In 3 days, I unlearned 20 years of bad habits and did things that I had no idea I could do.

Submitted by:Abe    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 20, 2012

After going through the rigors of medical school I realized it doesn’t matter how hard the subject is, a good teacher can make anything easy.

ABK instructors, lighthearted, encouraging, approach to teaching is the best!

Whether your a total beginer , intermediate, or expert windsurfer, you will become a better windsurfer with ABK.

You guys Rock…Keep up the good work!

Submitted by:Andy Frishman    |   Location:Westchester, New York    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 13, 2012

Once again, Andy, Brendon, Meredith, and Christopher (CA) exceeded the standard at Hatteras 2012. As a professional movement teacher, I constantly see the improvements in all the other windsurfing students. Windsurfing is easy but tough to do right. With ABK guidance and coaching, students move very smoothly along the pathway to more better fun and efficiency. ABK gets 10 WOWS!

Submitted by:ned crossley    |   Location:cornwall on hudson, New York    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
April 30, 2012
Great experience! Meredith was my instructor, and she is awesome! Very patient and encouraging. I also enjoyed getting to know Andy and Brendan. Before I came to camp, I really couldn’t do much other than uphaul. After the camp, I was riding the board with confidence, and even able to tack and jibe. Don and his crew at the host shop, Worldwinds, were also wonderful to deal with. All in all, excellent experience, I can’t wait til next year!
Submitted by:Martha Wood     |   Location:Dallas, TX    |   Attended:Corpus Christi, Texas
April 17, 2012

Didn’t attend a camp but just wanted to give a shout out to Brendan.

He is a true ambassador of the sport by giving advice/critique on technique, tips on gear and easy-going spirit. He also got me out on the water with some great RRD products that really helped maximize my windsurfing experience.

Keep up the great work and thanks for everything.

Submitted by:Ty Taylor    |   Location:Dallas, TX    |   Attended:Corpus Christi, Texas
February 26, 2012

I attended the Jan 30 — Feb 03, 2012 clinic. Thanks to Derek’s and Andy’s great eyes for what I was doing right and/or wrong, I continued making progress on my planing jibes. We had some light wind, too, and I had fun with the boomerang — a move I never would have thought I’d be able to do.
I stayed another week, and my friend Helen came down and had a lesson with Brendon, during which, for the first time, she really started understanding how to use the wind and enjoy herself.
As always, ABK rocks!

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
January 15, 2012

Is this thing on?

Submitted by:Fred    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
November 14, 2011

Just finished the SPI clinic and it was awesome. Andy and Brendan were so helpful (as always) in spotting bad habits and mistakes. There is always easy to understand advice and tips to correct problems and make progress. After many years of attending ABK, I would recommend ABK to anyone wanting to become a better sailor and have a lot of fun while doing it. Also, SPI is a very forgiving location for working on skills that are too scary elsewhere.

Submitted by:Mary    |   Location:Pt. Richmond, CA    |   Attended:South Padre Island, Texas
August 23, 2011

I attended my second freestyle clinic with ABK this weekend. (Sherman Island 8-21-11) If you are a beginner or a pro I can’t recommend ABK enough, you will improve. I have been sailing for over 30 years and have always been able to keep up with most of the new moves. I am amazed by what I do not know. Andy is able to watch any level of sailor and give well articulated body, board, sail advice for success with their move. From first time on the water to old school and new school freestyle Andy and his expert team are able to coach anyone to their next level.

The well formulated lectures help our brains put together the dynamic forces involved in sail, body and board handling. These give us a solid foundation to advance the rest of our sailing days. The video review cements the learning process as we watch what we do well and what needs correction. Andy is able to break down each of our moves so we can see and learn.

If you are a beginner or intermediate sailor attend an ABK clinic, you will learn truly from the best in the world and develop a solid foundation. If you are an expert sailer you really need to attend ABK, you will be amazed how much the examples and coaching will accelerate your learning and overcome sticking points. (don’t let your pride stand in the way)

Thanks Andy, Brennan, Meredith and Christopher

Submitted by:Ted Pierson    |   Location:Sherman Island, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 21, 2011

Most things I know about windsurfing come from ABK. I was a beginner at my first camp 5 year ago. Last weekend, Andy, Brendon and Meredith help me complete my first one-handed 360. They also had me try a Haas tack, which I made good progress on after listening to their well thought our lecture and on-the-water instructions. The ABK guys are not only very good windsurfers, but they are also very good teachers and a lot of fun to hang out with.

Submitted by:Anders    |   Location:Berkeley, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 15, 2011

Hi I am Alex. I am 12 years old and I attended this camp. i really enjoyed this camp because i love to windsurf but i don,t know how to plane or use the foot straps. By the second day of the camp I was already planing across the water. By the third day I learned how to water start and use the foot straps on a 83 liter board. I really love how Andy teaches you to sail and he is very funny. I also really want to thank Brandon and Merideth for all of their kind advise and help. I had so much fun I came back the next week. For all other kids who want to try something new, I really recommend ABK. :)

Submitted by:Alex    |   Location:San Jose, California    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 27, 2011

As the comments of many others will confirm, ABK is the perfect place for the young and athletically gifted to advance their windsurfing skills at lightning speed. The level and breadth of skills that the ABK staff is qualified to teach is really limited only by the student. I represent the other end of the spectrum. For me, each new balance skill or hand movement is a challenge, mastered only with time and practice. Fortunately I have found that Andy and his group is just as skilled at helping my type to advance. They are excellent diagnosticians with the experience to focus in immediately on the little bad habits and faults that impede progress. And just as important, they clearly take pleasure in the successes of their students, whether large or small. This was my second year at ABK and I’m sure I’ll be back.

Submitted by:Lincoln Jaros    |   Location:San Jose, CA    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
May 15, 2011

As a beginner I had no idea how to windsurf but after a week of ABK Camp I now know how to sail going 9-3 not just downwind, i can tack and i am ok with jibes, hooking in and out of the harness, and back winding but with practice i plan on getting better. This camp made windsurfing soo much fun. The instructors are super patient and work with you to help you realize what your doing right or wrong. So in a week i went from a beginner to a pro-beginner and i would like to thank you soo much ABK and i will see you soon :)

Submitted by:Laury J.    |   Location:Blythewood, South Carolina    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
May 9, 2011

THAT was FUN! It hurt, it was windy, but it was the most I’ve learned about sailing (freestyle) since I started. Great instruction by everyone (yes, Andy, your instruction on the spin loop is what made sense to make it happen). Keeping the main points highlighted and instant feedback, including the step by step ways to initiate these moves was just about perfect. Can’t wait to get time on the water to perfect these moves!!!

Just have to heal the tendonitis in both elbows now from sailing too much… oops.

Submitted by:Donny    |   Location:Houston, TX    |   Attended:Corpus Christi, Texas
February 26, 2011

I’m so glad I got into this clinic under the wire. As Andy and many veteran ABK instructors know, I am a very slow learner. Been working on planing out of jibes for years now. (I do have an excuse: at home in PA there’s seldom enough steady wind to get planing, let alone practice jibes.) But the warm, shallow water and steady breezes of Lac Bay gave me lots of opportunity to practice, and Andy and Derek’s incredibly incisive feedback always gave me just the right things to try to remember to do in the instants of panic as I try to maintain speed and balance. Actually, I had a number of sessions in which I made more than half the jibes dry if not actually planing through. I noticed a slowing of time, which is crucial to noticing what I’m doing and correlating that with the good advice I get. As always, ABK Rocks!

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 21, 2011

Is this thing on?

Submitted by:Mark    |   Location:SF, CA    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 2, 2011

I attended my first camp in March 2009 in Bonaire. At that point I had been planing only a coulpe of times and the only things besides hooking in & out of my harness I could do were slow tacks on huge boards and the beachstart. Now, 2 years and several ABK camps later, I went for my first loop attempts! I don’t think there is much more I need to say about the quality of instruction and the learning curve at ABK camps. It is simply amazing what the ABK instructors were able to teach me in those 2 years! I now enjoy sailing from 5 to 35 mph wind in many different conditions. Besides giving you a lot of confidence on the water and many new tricks to learn, you also meet lots of awesome people at these camps. So if you’d like to improve your windsurfing skills and have fun on the water at all times simply GO TO AN ABK CAMP!
Thanks Andy, Meredith, Brendon, Derek and Tom for making this possible! Can’t wait to see you all again at a future camp…

Submitted by:Nina Schweikardt    |   Location:Dedham, MA    |   Attended:Bonaire
January 30, 2011

I attended the March 2010 camp in Bonaire with my 14 year old son and it was outstanding! My son progressed from basic skills to blasting around in a harness and even nailing several waterstarts. Andy’s entire team provided an exceptional experience from start to finish, beginning with Mark the webmaster who promptly answered my many questions before we booked. I am returning for another Bonaire camp in a month and am bringing the entire family this time. My 12 year old sun is especially pumped.

Andy, Derek, Brendon, Meredith and Mark – thanks again for the great learning experiences you provide.

Colin Field
London, Ontario, Canada

Submitted by:Colin Field    |   Location:London, Ontario    |   Attended:Bonaire
November 16, 2010

Took my 6th and 7th ABK camp this Fall. Totally awesome. I believe I’m improving and definitely having fun learning better windsurfing. Andy, Brendon, Meredith, and Tom are the best. The attendees are fantastic. I love taking movement lessons and that is how I spent 39 year career as a coach and physical educator. Better speed, better stance, straighter front leg, better jibes, best ever fast tacks, better fin first, better clew first waterstarts, butt jibs, and start on air jibes. Better power in my sail rigging, 3 boomerangs in a row, better slicing the sail into the apparent wind on heli tacks, and a race day. Observable changes in performance! And I can feel it! Priceless. This ABK is certainly the fast track to improving and widening one’s range of windsurfing’s skills and tricks. I’m going for #8 this spring. Thanks Andy!

Submitted by:Ned    |   Location:Cornwall on Hudson, NY    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
November 2, 2010

I attended the Waves NC camp at the end of october 2010 and i was very pleased with the whole deal. The topics were tailor made for the our level of skills and the amount of stuff we learned was enough to last me a few years. In this sport, we readily spend thousand of dollars on gear. I think it is much wiser to invest in knowledge first as it will have a much better bang for the buck and will dramatically change the rate of our learning curve.
Kudos Andy, Brandon and Tom for not only having tremendous know how, but mainly for being able to transfer effectively it to your students.

Submitted by:Gilles Dostie    |   Location:St-Donat, QC    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
October 24, 2010

I was never much of a Mickey Mouse fan as a kid but I might have to make an exception for this

Submitted by:Mark    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
October 6, 2010

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention how organized the lectures were dead-on with the manual! Everything and everyone was totally consistent across the board. i learned a ton, and i am hungry for more T.O.W.! Andy, you couldn’t have picked a better bunch!

Where is our group pic, and where is Brendan’s Blog?

I am posting some pics as well.

Submitted by:Thandi Bradix    |   Location:West New York, NJ    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
October 6, 2010

Hey Guys! First off…ALL I WANNA DO IS PLANE!

SECONDLY, the author(s) and contributors of The ABK Manual did a FANTASTIC JOB!! i am on my 2nd time reading it (and certainly not the last). As a 4-month beginning Sailor, I have had the benefit of having an expert teach me, but there is something to be said for having a nice small group session for 3 whole days at 8 hrs a piece! i would recommend ANYONE to take the clinic, and i cannot wait for the next one! the instructors were all great and i see how they feed off one another. just because you leave your own, another instructor is right there yelling (in a good way)! Eddddddd (my Instructor), Brendan (the eskimo), Tom (pronouced ‘Tam’), & Andee i wish to thank you all for your guidance and direction…and of course, the laughs!! Andy, thanks for coughing/sneezing kelp out of your body…it really cheered me up during my water starts in the Gale Force conditions (35+!!). It was my first smile of the day, and i wont forget you b/c of it! Andy, thanx for the use of your truck! PS – I lovelovellovellove the FREEstyle sesh Friday evening!!
PPS – I am going to be on youtube one day also! :-)
PPPS – In case you dont remember me, i was the only one…downwind…near Mawntawk (Montauk).
Thandi -

Submitted by:Thandi Bradix    |   Location:West New York, NJ    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
September 20, 2010

The race clinic, once again, was amazing. Andy really, really knows how to sail a raceboard and how to help others sail them better. Now I need to learn/practice railing my board upwind, such an awesome technique.
Thanks again to Andy, Tom, and the whole team! Can’t wait for next year’s race clinic.

Submitted by:Dennis    |   Location:Huntington , NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
September 15, 2010

This was my first ABK camp. Absolutely excellent experience !

The time on the water and lectures/demonstrations were well balanced.
The teaching was well thought out and organized.

The camp really opened my eyes to other avenues in windsurfing other than just trying to go fast. Relearning/fixing some core skills was great. Watching the freestyle and learning some basic light wind maneuvers/tricks was truly eye opening.

I would highly recommend this camp without hesitation and hope to have the time to attend next year.

Submitted by:Jeff    |   Location:Worcester, Ma    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
August 17, 2010

Andy is the Oracle.
If you windsurf, you must visit ABK to find the answers.

Also thanks to Brendon, Christopher (Clew First), Meridith, and Clyde the Wonder Dog.

Special Thanks to Chris Eldrige and Ted Pierson for the guest lectures. You all inspire me.

Submitted by:George Luk    |   Location:Fremont, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 12, 2010

I have been sailing for 30 years, looping for 20, always had a passion for freestyle and have never taken formal instruction. I wish I would have taken ABK’s clinics 20 years ago, they are fantastic ! With ABK’s help I was able to incorporate correct form and get “unstuck” at my current level (spocks, gubbys, flackas).

No matter what level you are at, Andy and his team will take you to your next level. Andy has pioneered many of the old school freestyle moves with well thought out mechanics of sail handling. With new school freestyle ABK’s foundation of board and sail handling techniques are critical for success. With video and on the water analysis ABK’s clinics give us the best chance of real progress. They are fun and incorporate what each participant needs for their next step. I will recommend ABK’s clinics to every windsurfer who wants to improve their sailing or just want to have more fun on the water.

Thank you Andy, Brendan, Christopher and Meredith, you are real pros. Ted

Submitted by:Ted Pierson    |   Location:Rio Vista , cA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 10, 2010

Many thanks to Andy, Brendan, Christopher and Meredith for a great weekend of instruction and an opportunity to share my love of the sport with my son who hadn’t sailed for the past couple of years ……and to Ted Pearson, who’s loops and sail handling skills I see on a regular basis out in Rio Vista, that were the inspiration to get an old guy like me to attend the clinic.

The tips on improving my duck jibes were spot on and I promise to try more new moves at the next clinic I attend. After sailing for close to 30 years, it was a little hard to change some of my old habits, but you guys did it, and for that I am sincerely grateful.

It was also great to see my son trying some new moves and getting excited about the sport once again. Sure am glad that I kept my extra gear so that we’ll both be able to sail together before we attend the next clinic. Who knows…maybe I can even convince my wife to attend a clinic to get her back out on the water.

Best wishes to you all for safe travels and continued success.

Looking forward to my next clinic already, Dave

Submitted by:Dave    |   Location:Orinda, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 14, 2010

I’m a math genius!

Submitted by:Mark    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
October 24, 2009

Andy, Tom and Brendan
Thank you for your help last week. Even after four days of light winds I have a success story that shows the importance of the on land lectures. Saturday after the camp ended the wind blew about 20 kts and attempted some duck gybes. The first attempt went exactly as Andy said it would. I concentrated on Andy’s two key points and tried again. On my fifth attempt I caught the boom, switched my feet and sailed away. I completed five more that afternoon. Amazzzzzing!!!
I would never have got it on my own. My step gybe and light wind skills are much better also. Thanks again.

Submitted by:Mike Stewart    |   Location:Richmond Hill, Ontario    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
October 3, 2009

fabulous camp, andy. you reinvigorated my windsurfing. thanks so much.

just wanted to let you know that I bought a JP excite 120 / wood sandwich this summer.

will see you again next year, some place or another.


p.s. there were two things to remember during the non-planing duck jibe: (1) do the sail crossover as early as possible, but I can’t remember the 2nd.

Submitted by:millard alexander    |   Location:annapolis, md    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
September 27, 2009

I’ve done approximately 17 ABK clinics over the years so I think I’d be jaded, but I just can’t believe how much I enjoyed this weekend’s clinic at Napeague. Andy, Ed, Tom and Brendon did a tremendous job, as did the 30+ lunatic windsurfers. Here’s to Donny, who sailed for the first time. Here’s to me, who got 1/3 of the way through my first loop (2/3rds still to go…) Here’s to everyone at the clinic…that was fun!

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:New York, New York    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
September 20, 2009

The race clinic was amazing. I learned racing fundamentals, race strategy and improved my overall sailing ability, all while having a blast with a great group of campers and instructors. Looking forward to more race clinics.

Submitted by:Robert Mallin    |   Location:New Yotk, New York    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
September 20, 2009

Thank you Andy, Brandon, and Meredith for a glorious vacation. Though the wind conditions were varied and there were people of all skill levels in our group, your tailored instruction amazed, and the fun never stopped for five straight days. You are the quintessential pros of windsurfing instruction. I’ll see you next summer.

Submitted by:David    |   Location:Portland, Oregon    |   Attended:Hood River, Oregon
August 25, 2009


your the best! really appreciate your genoriosity in spending extra time on getting my moves down. without you it would of taken forever to beat the learning curve. can you believe that its only my second year and now im one of the fastest sailors out there not to mention that im really starting to boast some big air.

wait till you see me next year. i will pactice every thing i learned this winter and will hook up next summer “2010”

last, i will be waiting for your next camp on the levee.

“sail hard & Sail fast”

Submitted by:JAYDEN123    |   Location:sacramento, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 10, 2009

I am blessed to attend the camp.
As a Advanced beginner, before attending the camp, I was working on my pivot jibe atleast for 2 months.
During the camp, I picked up the pivot jibe in just 2 hours.
Just waiting for the next camp to get to Planning and Carve jibe.

P.S. Branden told me to treat the mast as a dirty diaper and push it away. will never forget that because that made my tacks look sharp.

Submitted by:Deva    |   Location:Sacramento, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 14, 2009

I really liked the freestyle clinic at Rio. It’s always nice to hang out with people who share the same vulcan- and loop-frustrations that I have. As always, the instruction is great. And I love the new schedule. We save money and get to sail during the windy parts of the day. And my new JP Freestyle 90l board is waiting for me at the shop!

Submitted by:T-rex    |   Location:Reno, NV    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 5, 2009

Like I said 5 years ago, IMO, Andy’s little secret is that he cares that you succeed. That and his total breakdown analysis leaves one no excuse for not going to these camps regularly.

Submitted by:Sergey    |   Location:Foster City, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 3, 2009

Andy, I must have had my wallet fall out of the car at Rio on Friday.

If anyone finds it. My business cards are in the back of it. My cell phone # 925 766-7412. If it turns up.

Had a great time but am about as tired as I have been with 4 1/2 on the water yesterday. I will work on looking around the mast and getting out over the water.



Submitted by:Dennis Goavn    |   Location:Lafayette, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 27, 2009

I bought the JP X-cite 120 youwere advising as my lighter wind board. I hope to use it on Friday at Rio. Can you order some wind?

The camp was great and added to my confidence and many new skills.


Mark’s comment was it not many sports where you can get personal instruction from one of the best.

I will soon have 2 lifegurads on thewater.

Submitted by:Dennis Govan    |   Location:Lafayette, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 23, 2009

Andy, Christopher, and Brendan: Thanks for the great camp/clinic. My biggest regret is not video taping all the lectures. I attended the freestyle camp but would go back for the intermediate lectures as well.

When I personally teach beginner windsurfing students I teach the need to keep windsurfing simple – Andy did exactly that for me. Windsurfing should be simple but when I spend years figuring it out by myself I end up complicating the sport. Going to the camp 4 years ago, and then every year after that would have changed my windsurfing a lot.

If you want to progress your windsurfing skills attend the ABK Camp.

ABK only charges half of what it is worth.

Submitted by:Josh Shirley    |   Location:Salt Lake City, Utah    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 21, 2009

The ABK weekend clinic was fantastic. We had sailors from beginners learning the basics through advanced freestyler’s polishing their loops. Everyone left stoked and excited to return to another ABK clinic. Rio Vista is a beautiful sailing site offering a wide range of conditions to challenge all levels of ability. Many thanks to Andy and Brendan for a great clinic. As an aside, ‘Gemma T’s Drive In’ in the town of Rio Vista serves great burgers.

Submitted by:David Adams    |   Location:Chicago, IL    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 6, 2009

These guys are really good at what they do! I just went to my third ABK clinic on Cape Hatteras, NC. Here’s a run down of what I learned. Camp One: got rid of all those bad habits I picked up from friends. I picked up a great jibe set up and lots of light wind sail handling skills. Camp Two: planning jibe, intro to the duck jibe, solid upwind sailing. Camp Three: worked on the duck jibe, jump jibe, clue first high wind water starts, chop hops, and SHOVE-ITS!!! So in a year and a half I have gone from crappy jibes to working on freestyle moves. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have time to wait ten years to learn how to jibe and then another ten working on my next move. I always leave camp with lots of things to practice and I continue to progress until the next camp. I’ll be back at camp learning something new every chance I get!
Thanks guys!


Submitted by:Anne Kennedy    |   Location:Avon, North Carolina    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
May 5, 2009

Attend an ABK camp if you want to get better at windsurfing or learn how to windsurf. These guys are quite simply the best there is…period!

I had two goals for the camp I attended in Corpus Christi. (1) Complete fully planning gybes consistently (2) use a 70-80 liter board. Andy and Tom helped me achieve both goals and much more. On the last hour of the last day of the camp I started making my planning gybes consistently. Not only was I getting around dry, I was also exiting the gybe on a plane and the feeling is like no other! I learnt how to sail clew first and waterstart clew first, and perfected my stance for sailing upwind. I came back home with a bunch of things to try on land and water to keep me improving for some time to come.

And to top it all off we had 4 continuous days of 5.8 or better conditions for the camp.

Submitted by:Tozer Bandorawalla    |   Location:Portland, OR    |   Attended:Corpus Christi, Texas
March 28, 2009

Pleasure as always. Amazes me how you can take a bunch of middle aged unruly doctors of varying abilities and give them some grace on the water. Thanks to Derek, I have my jibe entry plenty stylish, the back end….not so much….although I did get a few good catches and it felt great. But the knowledge is there- all I have to do is dream about it a lot and I will give it a go again at Nitinat this summer.
Cheers and many thanks.
Michele Fretz

Submitted by:michele fretz    |   Location:Victoria, British Columbia    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 5, 2009

My first ABK camp, I was barely hooking in and getting catapulted quite often. Now I’m trying to perfect the planing jibe. My only regret is that I waited so long to attend a clinic. The amount you can improve in one clinic is unbelievable

Submitted by:Mark Rybczyk    |   Location:Dallas, TX    |   Attended:Bonaire
December 19, 2008

WOW! Last year was terrific this year was better! I can’t imagine anyone progressing as fast as when they take your clinics. I have lots to work on but I’ll see you again at two more clinics this year. Can’t thank you enough, Stan

Submitted by:Stan Steinberg    |   Location:North Palm Beach,, FLorida    |   Attended:Bonaire
December 11, 2008

hey all, i have rented a house in belnem/lima this winter and have an extra bed/ bath. its currently open from jan 17 to feb 17. after that i too will be looking for a place to live. so if you were undecided about vaca plans maybe this, along w/ crazy low airfares will help you get on with it. nice place, good location, very reasonable. email me soon if you’re interested. cinda

Submitted by:cinda   
December 7, 2008

The fall 2008 Hatteras camp ROCKED! Thanks to the ABK crew for a fun weekend full of sailing (even on the day when there wasn’t that much wind). It’s just crazy how much you can learn from these guys in only a few days. Planing jibes, fin first sailing… whatever you can think of, they’ll teach it. This was my second clinic and I was amazed at how much I learned. I can’t wait for them to come back and help me with forwards (ha!). Let’s face it windsurfing is hard. After all, if it were easy… you know what they would call it. See you in the spring!

Submitted by:Anne Kennedy    |   Location:Avon, NC    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
November 11, 2008

Beautiful weather with some exciting storms, and great instruction. Had a
recent injury from first leg of trip before I got to NC interfere, which was very frustrating. Still, thought it was worth while. I was looking for and knew it could be just that one, or two tips that would make a big difference. Weighting the front foot wrapped around the mast before moving to new side, made a big diffierence in more solid tacking. It is counter intuitive especially on thin nosed, short boards for me. However, was able to try it at home compared to my old jump lively and quick hop around the mast, and noticed more stable body positioning, and less foot shuffle. The other great tip on planning gybe entry that I learned at the clinic and was able to implement at Canadian Hole the Tuesday after the clinic 11/28/08, on a 4.2, and 84 litre board was setting up paralell to chop, rear foot out of strap on same angle plane as front foot, and thinking to bring the sail back towards calf of leg. It was high wind and voodoo chop. When I did this, the board came around super fast, still on a plane without having to do the muscle grunt/groan with my arms. It surprised me so much that I went “Hunh?!” and plopped in to think about it. Very Cool. Lots of new things presented besides what I mentioned. Hope it all is simmering inside the gray matter waiting to be retreived. In all, I hope to attend more clinics in the future. It does not make sense in windsurfing, that there is such a stigma around having instruction. I’m mostly self taughtwith a few “secret” lessons caught here and there, and admitted bad habits from too much high wind survival sailing. The input from gnarly wave sailors of just watch me and “do what I do”, does not work with this female. The issue is in the set-up 100+ yards before the actual gybe, and when asked for feedback on what is happening way back there in the set-up, its still point specific of “just do what I do” etc. I’m a big proponent of coaching for any sport, and know it helps persons enjoy a heightened level of stoke for that activity and builds
confidence. See you on the water!
Dates of Clinic Oct. 24-26, Waves, NC.

Submitted by:Lisa    |   Location:Southern Oregon Coast, Oregon    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
November 9, 2008

Beautiful weather with some exciting storms, and great instruction. Had a recent injury from first leg of trip before I got to NC interfere, which was very frustrating. Still, thought it was worth while. I was looking for and knew it could be just that one, or two tips that would make a big difference. Weighting the front foot wrapped around the mast before moving to new side, made a big diffierence in more solid tacking. It is counter intuitive especially on thin nosed, short boards for me. However, was able to try it at home compared to my old jump lively and quick hop around the mast, and noticed more stable body positioning, and less foot shuffle. The other great tip on planning gybe entry that I learned at the clinic and was able to implement at Canadian Hole the Tuesday after the clinic 11/28/08, on a 4.2, and 84 litre board was setting up paralell to chop, rear foot out of strap on same angle plane as front foot, and thinking to bring the sail back towards calf of leg. It was high wind and voodoo chop. When I did this, the board came around super fast, still on a plane without having to do the muscle grunt/groan with my arms. It surprised me so much that I went “Hunh?!” and plopped in to think about it. Very Cool. In all, I hope to attend more clinics in the future. It does not make sense in windsurfing, at least here on the West Coast, that there is such a stigma around having instruction. I’m mostly self taught with a few “secret” lessons caught here and there, and admitted bad habits from too much high wind survival sailing. The input from gnarly wave sailors of “do what I do”, or, “stay off the tail” does not work with this female body, when the issue is in the set-up 100+ yards before the actual gypbe. I’m a big proponent of coaching for any sport, and know it helps persons enjoy a heightened level of stoke for that activity and builds confidence. See you on the water!
Clinc attended Oct 24-26 Waves.

Submitted by:Lisa    |   Location:Southern Oregon Coast, Oregon    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
October 29, 2008

My wife loved it and learned to beach start and butt drag waterstart prep as well as all the basics. For me, these three days jelled doing the pivot jibe family, the backwinded entry and exit family, and the clew first family. Throw in fin first family and butt jibe to clew first waterstart was spectacular! So, my 7th, 8th, and 9th Andy Brandt days started to make sense and “it all came together.” Video analysis of good and not so good things at end of the day was super. Andy is a windsurfing movement analysis genius from sail pressure to water line to body posture to foot placement and all the other components. We are all lucky to have him so passionate in windsurfing. GO ABK!

Submitted by:Ned Crossley    |   Location:Cornwall on Hudson, New York    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
September 27, 2008

Great clinics out at Napeague! Some photos from the clinic can be found here:

and here:

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:New York, New York    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
September 22, 2008

All the teachers were very competent and PATIENT. There was plenty of one-on-one attention, which I so needed as a beginner. Andy uses his great sense of humor to educate and our video sessions were more like a comedy hour.
The clinics are well run with lots of “land” lessons for those days with little wind. The needs of each student is matched with an appropriate teacher.
It was challenging but lots of fun.

Submitted by:Joy Dittberner    |   Location:Laguna Beach, CA    |   Attended:Hood River, Oregon
September 21, 2008

Great camp at Napeague! Photos can be found here:

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:Long Island, New York    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
July 12, 2008

I planed out of a jibe yesterday. Not kinda,almost or a gimme,but officialy. As Andy said,the first jibe you will probably plane out of will be a duck jibe,and it was. My jibing career has been like painting a bridge. It takes forever & by the time I almost have the last part down it’s time to start at the beginning again. Last fall at camp as I was coming in for another jibe attempt,Andy yells duck the sail,& I did. Beginners luck. It’s been up & down ever since,but it really got reinforced at camp in Bonaire. Whatever I learn there really seems to stick with me.I’ve gotten so many tips from all the ABK instructors that have really helped in all aspects of my windsurfing & usually it’s something small that I never would have gotten on my own,but it changes everything in a big way. Imagine if you decided to take up golf & said,I think I’ll have Tiger Woods tesch me.How could you not improve. Well ABK is the best windsurfing deal that I’ve found so far. I sail fairly often in a few different areas and I see windsurfers who are getting better and thoes who are just doing the same thing year after year, you figure it out.

Submitted by:michael jamieson    |   Location:sloatsburg, nY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
July 3, 2008

What a great clinic! This was my first ABK experience, and I did not know what to expect. The instructors, led by Andy were excellent! I was put into a group of students with similar experience and goals as myself.

Christopher (You can call me Christopher…) was our instructor. He did an incredible job, was very patient and explained in a very understandable step by step method. I particularly enjoyed the technical explanations of how wind and water forces work on a windsurfing board and rig. Andy’s play by play video review in the evenings was also very helpful and humorous.

I wanted to water start and I achieved that goal during the weekend. I’ll be back for more! The food was great too! Thanks to Andy, Christopher and the hardworking ABK crew. You all do an amazing job.

Submitted by:Jim Freed    |   Location:Sebastopol, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 23, 2008

wow, I gotta say…
first, I have read again “about ABK”. I gotta tell you – everything is SO perfectly accurate. They have not exaggerated one bit – these guys are damn honest and professional.
Second, I COMPLETELY agree with every good word that previous attendees have written. Precisely what I felt after I took the camp.
Third, if you are debating whether to spend the $499 or not, listen to me. This will be THE BEST $$ you will have spent in your windsurfing career. Take the word from a cheap guy, who drove his old ’88 Corolla to Rio Vista CA with his crappy board and old sails (just to have the opportunity to borrow some state-of-the-art stuff from ABK… oops, don’t give future customers any ideas). I’m ashamed to admit, but I’m a sailor of 20 years, and the things I’ve learned in just 3 days I haven’t done in years. I’ve learned that low wind days are just as good for sailing, because there’s so much to learn, that is fun by itself, but will also help you in the blasts.
Andy is the coolest guy, smart, funny and a heck of a sailor and the best teacher. The other instructors are fantastic too – Mathew, Brandon, Chris. And what also impressed me was how seriously Andy treated each move captured on tape, during the video analysis: it didn’t matter to him if it was Vicky, up hauling on the long board for the first time, or Bob doing a 360 duck jibe or whatever this spectacular trick was; everybody got the same amount of attention, respect and comments for improvement. Everything was done in such a friendly setting, without the ego games and some show-off known to some sailors from elsewhere.
Food was awesome, camping was fun. The jokes, night at the local bar, and new friends I made – were just a bonus.
Sign up for a camp as soon as you can, and prepare for the best weekend in years!

Submitted by:avner efendowicz    |   Location:sunnyvale, california    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
May 19, 2008

Awesome, splendid, inspiring, and great winds describe the ABK experience at Barton’s Waves, NC 2-4 May 2008. The water depth at Hatteras Island Windsurfing is perfect for this ABK clinic. Andy was full on with assistants Matt (justin) Case and Tom L.

As a yacht club windsurfing instructor and windsurfing wannabee, I have gotten significantly better and appreciate the individual attention, accurate demos, and awesome progressions that I receive in the many zones of windsurfing performance from the experts.

Putting ABK in front of 15 days straight of Hatteras sailing was wise for me. I’ve done two ABK’s and will do more this Fall.

Having the right gear is one thing but being a better “driver” of it is everything. Watching the instructors like Andy make other sailor’s boards and rigs come alive is amazing….it’s all about the driver! ABK is the fastest way to improve your windsurfing. Go Sail Chi! Thanks Andy, you the man!

(the 62 year old wannabee!)

Submitted by:Ned Crossley    |   Location:Cornwall on Hudson, New York    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
May 10, 2008

Huge thanks to Andy Brant, Matt Case, and Tom for an awesome weekend of sailing on Cape Hatteras! For anyone who has not yet taken an ABK clinic, stop being content making one out of every 30-300 attempts of whatever you’re trying to do (water start through back loop). Save yourself a few years and let these guys show you how to do the move right in one weekend! Like most windsurfers, I have spent the past year or two getting tips here and there as my friends sail by me. That’s nice and all but the typical advice of “go like this…” or “just go into it faster” usually lead to me improving my stellar dismount technique, making a bigger splash, or having a longer swim to my stuff that flew away mid jibe.
The guys at ABK are not only amazing sailors; they actually know how to teach! First, they will literally break down any move step by step without ever saying “just move a bit like this” or “move your foot more that way.” I actually think they’re not even aloud to use the words “this, that, or there” and a few other nondescript terms. Then, they stand waist deep in the water for several hours (now that’s commitment to teaching) while you sail by them trying whatever move you’re working on. They help with the fine tweaking and keep you stoked with a hoot or holler when you finally nail a move.
I went into the clinic wanting to learn how to jibe. In addition to the jibe, I also picked up lots of other skills I didn’t even realize I was lacking. I learned how to stay up wind while going fast (very important when you are trying a jibe on every tack), get up onto a plane earlier when you are just a bit underpowered, how to sail clew first, and how to appreciate light wind sailing. Yes Andy, I now admit that light wind sailing is really important to learning new skills!
One of the coolest things was that everyone at the clinic was super psyched to be out on the water all day and learning new things. While I was working on pretty basic stuff, there were other people learning duck jibes, sailing fin first, helitacks, and other freestyle moves (something to look forward to next year). There was even a never-ever guy who was literally in the foot straps, harness, and fully planning a 140liter board on day two! Rad!

Can’t wait to see you on Cape Hatteras in the fall!

Thanks again!

Submitted by:Anne Kennedy    |   Location:Avon, NC    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
May 5, 2008

Michelle and I had a great camp this weekend. I got my first water start and learned how to be more comfortable handling the sail in high wind.

One thing I missed during this camp was having the students use the simulators during the lectures. I think it is helpful to practice the steps of a maneuver on land before going onto the water.

Michelle and I plan to take another camp this Fall.

Thanks Andy, Tom and Matt!

Submitted by:Scott McMahon    |   Location:Alexandria, VA    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
March 18, 2008

Just got back from my first ABK camp in Bonaire. I very much enjoyed 5 days of the best windsurf instruction I’ve ever had. Low wind on the first day meant practicing leeward sailing and related tricks, which really improved my planing tack when the wind picked up.
Even though I expected a lot after reading the comments here, I was amazed by the quality of the instruction. On the water, each instructor would always focus on just one most important thing to improve at any time. That’s easy to fix, then on to the next one – and after a few little corrections, the jibe was suddenly a lot faster (despite doing everything slower- Andy’s tip #2), and a lot more fun! I’m really looking forward to my next ABK camp. Thanks Andy!

Submitted by:Peter Richterich    |   Location:Dedham, MA    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 3, 2008

For my wife Emily and me, escaping damp grey Brussels for the wonderfully warm clear blue sea and sky of Aruba was a great decision, but equally so was the decision to enrol in the ABK camp. As a complete novice having never previously set foot on a sailboard, I was a little wary of how incompetent I may appear, but these fears soon evaporated with Andy and Ben’s ability for making people feel at ease, developing a fun atmosphere from the start. Their ability, experience, technical knowledge and passion for windsurfing are apparent from the first lecture to the last video session. But one other quality also made the ABK experience a memorable one. These guys are not just great windsurfers but great teachers too. The clear concise lectures were transported to the water with lots of time and patient advice to put the theories into practice. I’m still amazed at how Andy can shout out instructions to someone doing a complicated manoeuvre while rescuing a novice (me) struggling with a water start and yet still also manage to watch and encourage Emily to “hook in – head back”!! The end of day video was always insightful and instructive and at the same time humorous. We came back to Europe armed with our new mantra … “it’s a great day for sailing, because every day is a great day for sailing”. A massive thanks to Andy and Ben for a great experience, we will certainly be back for more.

Submitted by:Steve Harwit-Whewell    |   Attended:Aruba
February 10, 2008

Once again I’m so glad to have attended an ABK clinic. Thanks
to Andy, Ben, and Matt I achieved TWO breakthroughs.
One: the wind was blowing well over 20 knots, I was tired, and my “fear gene” was overactive. On my accustomed 138L board I kept either catapulting or uncontrolledly turning upwind. At lunch Andy commented that my trouble was all mental and that what I needed was to get a smaller board (like I’ve never been able to sail) and just practice planing, never minding about turning. He said to just hang down on the boom until well up on a plane. He picked out a 105L board for me. So after lunch I tried this. I mistakenly somehow got a very similar-looking 96L board. It didn’t work; every time I put my feet on the board it just turned 90 degrees into the wind. Then Andy came over and said, “You know how to windsurf. Stop looking at the board. Just feel the sail and look where you’re going”. I did so, and took off like a rocket, perfectly under control, all the way across the pale blue water. That afternoon I had a ball on a far smaller board than I’d ever been on, because of Andy’s caring and brilliant teaching.
Two: the next day (my last day on Bonaire), I tried the 96L board again but had trouble because of fatigue and the “fear gene” again. So I switched back to the 138L board I’m very comfortable on and worked on planing jibes under Matt’s eagle eye. I typically came into the jibes very fast, carved nicely, and almost always screwed up one thing or another on the foot switch. Matt was always able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to do to make it perfect. To shorten a long story, after a restful lunch break, I had a great afternoon blasting along on the 138L board with a 5.5m^2 sail, getting ever closer to the elusive just-right jibe. About 5:15, with just the die-hards still on the water, I planed all the way around the jibe, accelerated clew-first, and flipped the sail just fine and kept going. I blew the next few jibes but didn’t care. It was the perfect end to a great Bonaire vacation.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Howard, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 5, 2008

Hey Andy, Ben and Christopher.
How’s it goin’ eh?
Thanks for a great week, even though the wind sucked. Jas and I had a great time learning the light wind freestyle moves and the lectures were very informative…hopefully the winter won’t last too long and we’ll be back on the water soon practicing all the stuff we learned.
It was great to see Jasmine planing in high wind in that #7 position…like a pro!
Thanks also to Serafina for organizing the suppers, and great to get to know all you characters in Bonaire Jan 28-Feb 1 !!
Maybe we’ll see you in Hatteras in the spring!

Submitted by:Steve and Jasmine    |   Location:Montreal, Quebec    |   Attended:Bonaire
January 16, 2008

Awesome, just awesome. The Andy, Micheal, Tom combo of instructors were great. The instruction, demos, and progressions were perfect. The shallow learning arena and use of the light air freestyle challenged everyone in the group. I loved it. As a full professional coach of gymnastics, skiing, and rock climbing over 39 years, I can state two things: I spenting the next $1000 in windsurfing on my next two ABK clinics. Andy is a super special teacher.

ABK is the real deal. Thanks for the personalized coaching and successes at October 2007 ABK clinic at Waves, Cape Hatteras.

Submitted by:Ned Crossley    |   Location:Cornwall on Hudson, New York    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
November 11, 2007

As the weather gets colder it’s an excellent time to find a nice shallow spot, put on a drysuit and go practice some of those lightwind moves. You know you want to! (I know I want to, and I will, but I’m crazy.)

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:Peconica, New York    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
October 5, 2007

ABK rocks, but you knew that. Mostly the winds were light, affording an opportunty to learn some freestyle moves that I could actually do. I finally got the hang of a backwind jibe and a heli-tack, and managed to nail some clew-first, switch-foot non-planing jibes. I got close to doing a switch-foot non-planing duck jibe. The point is I would never have heard of these things, much less ever learned them, if I didn’t attend the ABK “camps”.
The wnd did blow some, especially on Saturday morning, so those of us working on our planing jibes got to do quite a bit of that as well. Andy pointed out a key aspect of the exit footwork that I need to change; I feel that this will finally enable me to zoom smoothly through my jibes in reality, not just in my dreams.
And Andy and Ben have really got the lunch thing down to an art.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Millheim, PA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
September 25, 2007

I attended my 2nd ABK camp a couple of weeks ago and it was more than worth the money I paid. Last year Andy fixed my jibing and a couple other things, this year he did the same with the Vulcan. Andy is a whiz in old-school freestyle, but he is just as good at teaching the new school stuff. He figured out immediately what was wrong with my Vulcans, told me how to fix it, and the very first session after the Vulcan lecture I started to slide backwards, which had never happened before! 3 sessions after ABK I actually landed one (today). To sum it up: great atmosphere, great teaching – can’t think of a better way to spend my windsurfing money and time!

Submitted by:Nikita    |   Location:Boston, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 23, 2007

Great camps for both weeks on Long Island. I can’t believe I’ve learned the Gekko Loop (week #2) and the slow motion Spock. Meanwhile the week before my wife succeeded in windsurfing in more wind than she’d ever sailed in her life, with waterstarts, jibe entries and tacking to boot. Very nice!

Submitted by:Michael    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
September 20, 2007

Let me say that attending ABK camp in Bonarie advanced my windsurfing more than I could have alone in probably a year or two. The lessons are invaluable, the ambiance hard to beat. Andy, thanks a lot… I can’t wait to go back in the spring.

ps. Niko says HI…

Submitted by:Rafael    |   Location:Miami, FL    |   Attended:Bonaire
June 3, 2007

Simply the best!! Andy, Ben, Patrick, Ed, & Tom provide a great fun atmosphere to learn. I walked away with a new skills which will be honed for the fall camp. It has only been two weeks but I see a dramatic change in my tacks and jibes. Yes, Ed I am doing them correctly, THANKS!!

The lectures are great, sail chi was insightful, now I only wish I kept that old beaten up longboard to practice, the other sailors were a blast.

ABK introduced me to other windsurfing addicts and opened the doors to a great community.

Cannot believe it took me so long to attend. If you have never been to an ABK camp, DO SO NOW.

Thanks for a great weekend.

Submitted by:Robert Mallin    |   Location:Manhattan, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 23, 2007

ABK was awesome! Lots of quality instruction, good food and good people, strong wind and light wind conditions-allowing for a variety of opportunities for instruction and practice in both planing and non-planing conditions. I am now equipped with the know how for planing duck jibes, carving 360’s, back wind jibes, back wind pivot jibes, clew first water starts, jump jibes, duck jibes, sailing on the leeward side of the sail, sail chi, helicopter tacks, s turns, chop hop, gecko/flakas, gecko loops and Vulcan’s, sail body 360’s and yes, loops! I now have lots to work on over the summer!

If you haven’t taken an ABK clinic before just do it! You will do things that you never imagined that you could do, and you will be a better sailor in the long run-short run too! Lots of hands on -dry land training exercises-essential for those kinesthetic learners like me. Visual and auditory learning are great, but when you put yourself in the dry land drivers seat it really helps! It was also fun to be surrounded with people that share my passion.

My experience was more than receiving high quality and very welcome constructive criticism. There was something terribly empowering about refining the skills and qualities in ourselves that define our very existence.

All in all, a wonderful mentally and physically challenging weekend. Can’t wait to do it again!

And don’t forget to visit the gift shop! I love my ABK sweatshirt!

Thanks Andy!

Jill :)

Submitted by:Jill Marr    |   Location:Huntington Station, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 21, 2007

Thank you! This was my first ABK experience and I was blown away. I have attenended many sports clinics over the years: Skiing, Triathalon, Sailing etc and by far, ABK stands alone at the top. Andy, Tom, Ed, Ben and the rest of the ABK staff are true professionals who are passionate about teaching/coaching windsurfing. Ed/Tom thank you for your patience and words of encouragement. It had been 2 years since I last sailed and was quite nervous coming into the camp knowings I’d most likely be at the bottom of the spectrum, but with their expert instruction and constant attention I settled in quickly without any sense of intimidation. Its amazing how they can be instructing someone on an advanced trick on the water and in the same breath bellow out steps of a basic pivot jibe to a newbie without missing a beat! Andy, you run a great camp and you’ll be seeing me next time around. Its a great sport with great people all having fun and willing to lend a hand rigging or a quick word of encouragement no matter what level the sailor….thanks again!

PS: if you do attend a camp, bring a pen and notepad!

Submitted by:Matt McGarry    |   Location:Locust Valley, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 13, 2007

Camp ended yesterday at Dewey Beach and I’d like to thank all the teachers and participants for a really useful and fun camp. I learned clew first jibe, clew first duck jibe, backwind jibe, fin first jibe. I relearned heli tack the abk way. My sail handling got much better and I’m now trying to keep one hand on the boom only on sail flips etc. as much as possible.

I hoped to learn a lot but I didn’t think I could learn so many new tricks. Seeing how fast beginners learn as well was impressive. By taking a camp you can actually save a couple of years and take a nice shortcut :).

Submitted by:Ville Vainio    |   Location:Leesburg, VA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
May 12, 2007

This was my first ABK camp. I had a great time during the camp, and improved my sailing skills more than I could imagine in such a short time. Now I can beach start, point jibe, and properly tack (ABK style).

Andy, Tom, Ben, and Ed were all outstanding teachers, and they were very eager to help. An additional benefit of the camp for me was to meet other windsurfers who were all very friendly and interesting.

Thank you ABK for such an enjoyable experience ! I will be back for more in the future.

Submitted by:Cetin Savkli    |   Location:Annapolis, MD    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
May 1, 2007

Well it has been a month since our clinic. Jennifer and I hadn’t sailed together for any significant time since having kids. Every day we came back talking about what we had learned, and how much fun we were having, so by the end of the week, our 8 year old boys wanted to take their own lessions. Jen learned to waterstart clew first, and I nailed some carving 360s, heli tacks and my first ever donkey (duck monkey gybe). Didn’t even know what it was until Andy said, why don’t you try this. My sister, niece and nephew all got stoked too. I’m still smiling about it a month later. Glad to see so many of the rest of our class leaving notes too. Thanks Andy for getting my family sailing.

Submitted by:Carl Spiess    |   Location:Toronto, ON    |   Attended:Aruba
April 23, 2007

This was my second ABK camp. I was surprised by how much stuff I was doing wrong with simple things like tacking. You guys do a great job of pointing out all the flaws while we’re out on the water and again during the video reviews. Also, good job on making the best of things when the wind shut off and filling our heads with info during hte lectures. I’m glad I signed up for this clinic at the beginning of the season, because it gives me a lot of time to try everything out on my own while it’s still fresh on my mind!

Submitted by:Sam Zamani    |   Location:Raleigh, NC    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
April 9, 2007

The ABK ad says it all; you learn in days what it takes
years to learn on your own.

Andy is great. He knows how to
spot the EXACT thing that you need to advance at any
particular time. He doesn’t waste time with all the rest
of it. AND he tells you WHY it will work, and why what
you’re doing WON’T work.

And he’s always encouraging,
spotting something you’re doing well and being sure to
tell you about it. An ABK clinic is a GREAT experience,
fun and informative. It just plain makes you feel good.

Submitted by:Bill    |   Location:Corpus Christi, TX    |   Attended:Aruba
April 8, 2007

Tom (my husband) and I had such a great time during the Aruba camp. Tom (the instructor) and Andy created a fun atmosphere in which to learn new skills, perfect old ones, and overcome fear. Five years ago, as a newbie sailor in Aruba, my board decided to take me to South America…so I have never really like sailing in off-shore wind conditions until our ABK camp in March. At the beginning of the week, I would have bet lots of money that I would stay between the blue flags on a nice, safe, floaty board, ignoring Andy’s suggestion that someone 120 lbs should not be on a 120 liter board. After the camp was over, I was sailing the blue highway on an 85-liter board – without any fear (going really, really fast and having lots of fun). The people that we met, some of whom have also posted comments, made the week even more enjoyable. Regardless of your ability – sailing with ABK is a value-added experience.

Submitted by:Dana Stryk    |   Location:Washington, DC    |   Attended:Aruba
March 27, 2007

It was my third camp with ABK. Each camp improved my skills more than I would do alone in a year. I guess thanks to their experience Andy and his instructors can find the way to teach in very efficient way. With all of that “efficiency” there is still a lot of fun and laughs on and off the water. I will be coming back.

Submitted by:Janusz Huc    |   Location:Morristown, NJ    |   Attended:Aruba
March 25, 2007

Had a great time. Although I was about the worst person in the class, I learned a lot, am looking forward to summer here on the great lakes, am hoping to practice some of the many things I was shown. Andy and Tom were great teachers: very patient, enthusiastic, understanding of campers who had issues with spouses who didn’t see the point of sailing all day. I will be back,
jim marshall

Submitted by:jim marshall    |   Location:buffalo,, NY    |   Attended:Aruba
March 25, 2007

Shucks, almost forgot to mention (just bragging to get Andy’s attention) that I sailed a 115 L board [smallest ever] some of the time. Never would have without ABK’s help and pushing

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 25, 2007

ACTUALLY, for the first time here I attended NOT a CAMP but the ABK school at Jibe City on Bonaire. I bought a 5-pack of lessons; had four from Ro (Ronald) and one one Saturday from Lu (Lucrezia [sp.? sorry, Lu]). It was great, although I missed seeing Andy [he was in Aruba, but I prefer Bonaire]. Except for one very light air day, I worked exclusively on the planing step jibe, with Ro’s expert feedback. My last day with him, I nailed four in a row not merely dry but without losing control in the middle. I missed the cameraderie of a clinic, but the Jibe City cameraderie made up for it. And I did get to also see Sarah, Emma, and Ben. Not to mention the amazing Tati and Tonky Frans, and Kiri Thode plus some other inspiring young windsurfers. (Sorry about all the approximate spellings.)

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 24, 2007

So, after you, Andy and Tom, left, I had the benefit of my son’s (Patrick Wilson’s) instruction. We did the land simulation together with Patrick as you, Andy, and me as me, and then, I did two of those carving jibes (better on the carve in than out) and he mastered the duck jibe (7 times). I learned that when feeling comfortable on a sail, go up in size, and when comfortable on a board, go down in volume, and you’ll accomplish more. We took what you taught with the young guiding the old, and look forward to our next clinic (maybe Hatteras in October) but only after we figure out how to board regularly up here in Canada. Thanks.

Submitted by:Jeffery Wilson    |   Location:Toronto, ON    |   Attended:Aruba
March 20, 2007

My wife and I attended the course in Aruba and had a great time. There was plenty of frustration but real progress as well. Thanks to Andy and Tom for the patience, persistance, and good humor.

Submitted by:Benjamin Loevinsohn    |   Location:Washington, DC    |   Attended:Aruba
March 18, 2007

From teaching novice windsurfers who have never stood on a board before, or teaching people of ALL ages to waterstart, or teaching clew first water starts and jibes, or teaching long time sailors to heli-tack, carve 360 and donkey jibe…you name it, I saw Andy and Tom teach it all. Teaching aside (although I can’t stress enough how good the teaching really is), the environment of the ABK clinics is great; no-one is intimidating (which I was really worried about when I signed up) and the environment is supportive and friendly and lots and lots of fun with many laughs along the way. You’re right Andy, “every day of sailing is a great day of sailing”! Thank you Andy and Tom for helping to make our vacation (4 family members took part in the clinic)so memorable. We will definitely be back for more!

Submitted by:Veronica Zufelt    |   Location:Toronto, ON    |   Attended:Aruba
March 16, 2007

I never envisioned it but I finished the camp sailing an 84 L board (wow it moves fast and smooth) and exiting my planing carve jibes (the gang at home will be astonished)! We had a great group of campers and instructors, had a lot of fun out on the water together, and left with many new friends.

Submitted by:David Adams    |   Location:Chicago, IL    |   Attended:Aruba
March 16, 2007

Attended the March 5-11 clinic, and as always found Andy and Tom to be incredibly instructive. Andy is really intuitive about people – what different people need at different times to improve or regain lost skills. So I’m back in the saddle (or in the footstraps) again. You guys are the best! Thanks

Submitted by:Janice Emerling    |   Location:Darlington, MD    |   Attended:Aruba
March 12, 2007

I used to sign up for windsurfing lessons randomly at local shops, wherever i was vacationing, and received instruction of varying quality,language skill, motivation,etc – in short hit or miss. Andy gahtered top instructors money can buy, all at one place. Outstanding. B.B.Ivkov, M.D. New York

Submitted by:B.B.Ivkov, M.D.    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 12, 2007

i just signed up for andy’s march 19th clinic, bonaire and haven’t made any flight/lodging/rental arrangements yet – recommendations or suggestions? single on a budget.thanks, cinda

Submitted by:cinda    |   Location:westminster, MD   
March 12, 2007

Five days of high quality instruction from a guy who has seen it all, and can do most of it. Andy is the best. He has things down to a science, and can make group instruction feel one on one. He has the ability to quickly analyze your problems and provides you simple easy to understand steps to get you out of your hole. He also encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. He inspires confidence, but shoots straight. He is willing to help all participants regardless of their abilities. Plus, he is super likable. He is an ideal windsurfing coach.

He has an amazing loyal following, and for good reason. If you have not given his camps a try, you should. You will thank yourself later.

Submitted by:Mark Plunkett    |   Location:Austin, TX    |   Attended:Aruba
March 11, 2007

I just finished the March 5, 2007 camp in Aruba. I’m not quite planing out of my jibes, but I finally got a few dry ones with Andy’s help. I was just starting to work on my jibe initiations in the last camp I attended. It was such a cool feeling to be planing downwind with the apparent wind almost calm. The first time I did it, I thought that I had come to a stop, as usual, but Andy said I was really planing downwind at 15 mph. No wonder the board seemed a little sensitive to my footwork.

Can’t wait for the ice to melt here in Chicago so I can go out and perfect that jibe. It’s so close I can taste it. Thanks to Andy and Tom for a great clinic.

Submitted by:John Brundage    |   Location:Chicago, IL    |   Attended:Aruba
February 4, 2007

Andy, by the way, what is the e-mail address to down load the instruction manual from the clinic. The group wants to know. PS, if your ever in Long Island, particularly near JFK and need a place to crash for you and family, my place in Long Beach is always available. Lets see you post my previous comments on your ABK web site! James

Submitted by:james nielsen    |   Location:west hempstead, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 4, 2007

Andy, just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the dramatic improvement your clinic has made on my windsurfing. In 5 short days I went from being a danger to the community in windsurfing to being the top of the heap. Who would have thought that I could be redeemed in such a short period of time. I am the best advertisement your clinic can have and will undoubtably send you many clients when they see what you did for me. James

Submitted by:James Nielsen    |   Location:West Hempstead, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
December 15, 2006

Mark: Check out my Christmas Windsurfing Santa Claus if you can get to the above site.

If you can’t go to
click on christmas lights.

Submitted by:Thomas R Tippins    |   Location:Urbandale, IA    |   Attended:Bonaire
October 6, 2006

Andy’s and Ben’s insightful instruction were as usual extremely helpful in taking advantage of an amazingly windy weekend. At Andy’s urging I actually sailed on a borrowed 109 L board, far smaller than anything I’d ever used before. Every day day sailing is a great day, but especially with ABK!

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
October 1, 2006

Friday dawned warm, sunny, and deathly calm. But by the afternoon we got wind, and lots of it. It was a hugely windy weekend — and warm as well. I can’t really give Andy and Ben credit for the weather, but I can give them credit for helping me get the most out of it. At Andy’s urging, I actually sailed a 109 L board, far smaller than any I’d ever stood on before. Thanks, Andy and Ben, for your amazingly accurate constructive criticism of my sailing, and for being such great guys.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
September 10, 2006

I didn’t actually attend the camp, but got two lessons in Hood River through the Hood River School —
I really liked the instruction that Ben provided. He’s patient, let me experiment w/ all the equipment, and gave me some great tips.
Would definitely do this again, given the opportunity.
Thanks Ben — for the instruction, and for the equipment.
- Rohit

Submitted by:Rohit    |   Location:Seattle, WA    |   Attended:Hood River, Oregon
June 7, 2006

Excellent clinic. I was somewhat sceptical and concerned about the cost, but it was well worth it. Some of the things Andy teaches you may not pick up on your own for years, if ever. I had a true “A-ha!” moment when Andy changed my jibing technique. I thought I was getting pretty good at my jibes, planing out of them with some regularity. However, I had trouble making them overpowered and in high chop (would be totally scared and crash at least half the time). Within a few attempts with the new technique I got super comfortable! After practicing it for just a couple of days I can now jibe with some confidence overpowered AND in waves/chop and would actually be surprised if I don’t make it! Now I can finally move on to learning other moves! (Which Andy did a good job of teaching too.) Thanks, Andy!

Submitted by:Nikita    |   Location:Boston, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
June 2, 2006

I am looking for someone going down to Bonaire soon. I am trying to return an aluminum walker that I borrowed from Eden Beach Resort when I sprained my ankle. I would like to UPS it to someone going down to Bonaire so they could carry it on the plane. (USPO, FedEx etc have turned out to be impossible). I hope someone can help. Dave Bartlett

Submitted by:David Bartlett    |   Location:Madison, WI    |   Attended:Bonaire
May 20, 2006

I just got back from 3 days of sun, wind and great instruction. I learned to water start and to get into the straps and sail fast without getting catapaulted. I feel as though I made as much progress in 3 days as I did in all of last season. This is the only way to learn.

My thanks to Andy, Pete, Ed, Tom for providing this great learning experience.

I’ll be back.


Submitted by:Oliver McMahon    |   Location:Nashua, NH    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
May 15, 2006






Submitted by:TOM TIPPINS    |   Location:DES MOINES, IA    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 28, 2006

This was our third Bonaire clinic in as many years. I must say that I never actually thought I’d see me wife carve into a jibe, but see it I did. For myself I learned three cool trick jibes, and met a lot of great new friends. Windy and warm all week, we left thinking that we want to spend two weeks in Bonaire next year.

A great clinic all around…props to Ronald, Lou, Pete and Andy!

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 25, 2006

My wife agrees…ABK at Bonaire got better.
The wind was good, the instruction was great, and there’s more room on the beach to hang out and enjoy. And it was a banner year for meeting new people. But most importantly it was a great learning week…I’ve never learned new moves so fast (thanks Andy) and Sally is now actually attempting jibes! Fantastic. We’ll be back next year.

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
November 12, 2005

Hey Everybody. The Hyannis camp in May 20005 was awsome but cold. It rained the whole time but i still leaned a ton. I came in there as a total begginer and went out being and advanced begginer. I couldn’t plane bevore i went to the camp. But after it i could plane it was no problem. me and my dad (MArkus) are looking forward to going to another camp!!!!!! The other camper were nice and the instructers were really nice and good too. Thanx so much, Philipp

Submitted by:Philipp Schreyer    |   Location:Durham, NH   
October 2, 2005

Yesterday was the last of three days of sunshine and light wind at Dewey Beach, Delaware. I had hoped to work on my planing jibe but instead was pleasantly amazed at how rewarding working on light-wind freestyle moves could be. I tried (and mostly achieved) all of the following: Sail 180, Sail 360, Clew-first Pivot Jibe, Switch-stance Pivot Jibe, Switch-stance Pivot Duck Jibe, Helicopter Tack (incl. Lee-side Escape), Clew-first Helicopter Tack, Cowboy, Fin-first Sailing, Clew-first Tack, Clew-first to Backwind Sailing, Backwinded Pivot Jibe, Hoss Tack, Duck Tack, and Back-to-Back Sailing. I had Andy help me write these down so I can take the list home and practice these moves, instead of always rigging big and waiting for gusts to plane in. Andy, Pete, and Tom were superb instructors, as usual, and it was great to see Sarah again and to meet Emma Brandt (age 6 mos). The other “campers” were a congenial group to spend time with, and it was a special treat to have Sarah Perkins — another Centre County, PA representative — in the clinic as well. I have about a 6 year head start on her, but judging from how fast she learned at ABK I will soon be needing to take lessons from her back home at Bald Eagle State Park. A final plug: the Bay Resort in Dewey Beach is one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
September 25, 2005

I just want to thank Andy and the rest of the gang from ABK because I was blown away by how much i learned from attending the Long Island clinic this past weekend. I went from never completing any transitions to getting through most of my jibes after attending the clinic. I have so much more confidence and I am a much better windsurfer all because of ABK. I am so greatfull for all the help and for giving me a fun filled weekend. See you at the next clinic! Thanks so much, Jason Rhodes.

Submitted by:Jason Rhodes    |   Location:Southold, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
August 18, 2005

Hey Folks: I found that ABK at Hatteras is a great time and a very productive week of learning. It is such a great place to sail! I am going to the October 10 – 14, 2005 clinic, and I am looking for housemates. If interested, drop me an email or call at (203) 517-4113. Good sailing – T.

Submitted by:Tedrowe Bonner    |   Location:Nesconset, NY    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
August 17, 2005

It was good to be back at dreaded Rio Vista with the ABK gang. Last year the high wind and big chop (hey, I’m from PA, ok?) gave me a very hard time. This year, I was initially afraid I might suffer the same fate, but a few extremely accurate pointers by Whit had me blasting across the chop as if it were smooth water. ABK rocks!

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
June 28, 2005

Yet another great ABK clinic—my fourth. This one was only 3 days long (darn it!), but we got some great wind every day of it. It would really crank in the morning, weaken going into lunch, then blow stronger in the afternoon. Unfortunately I had to leave after the morning session on the last day; but it was my best! The previous afternoon was a tad aggravating because I used a 5.3 sail that was too small for me even though the instructors were planing on smaller sails of course (argh!); and the straps on the wide Techno 2 148 liter board just felt so far out on the rails. That final morning after was an entirely different situation: I snagged the biggest sail in the lot this time, a 6.4, and popped it on a smaller Techno E 135 liter board, the same one that I struggled with on day one. Kudos to Pete though: when he said that the smaller board would be more stable at speed than the bigger T2, he was absolutely right. Following their instruction, I really straightened my legs, pushed on the boom with my front hand, and hiked my weight out into the harness looking like a number 7. I was totally dialed in. That smaller Techno just flew across the water, smoother than silk, and not scary at all. I never found it so easy and comfortable to get in both straps before. It felt like I was passing everyone else, although I’m not sure whether I really did. That morning was a huge milestone for me: first time doing a complete carve through the planing step jibe (though I flubbed the flip), first time I felt the fin slip/spin out at high speed (though I recovered without splashing), and did my first few chop hops following Pete’s lecture. I advance more in one ABK clinic than I do sailing a dozen sessions on my own. Big thanks to all the instructors: Pete, Witt, Tyson, Matt, Mark, and Andy of course.

Submitted by:Christopher Thames    |   Location:Huntington Beach, CA    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
May 23, 2005

Good camp! I’m glad I didn’t pay attention to the wind forecast, as we had lots of wind Friday and Saturday that wasn’t predicted. I liked the new instructor from San Francisco, and the new 15 year old windsurfer: “I just wanna go fast and stuff”. Excellent instruction all around…I’m coming back for the fall clinic.

Submitted by:E. Levin    |   Location:Long Island, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
April 3, 2005

Wow. I have been to quite a few ABK camps over the years, but the March 21 camp in Bonaire was absolutely one of the best. Great instruction, great wind all week, and a great group of people. Our beginners moved from trainer gear to “real” boards and sails, there was a lot of people getting into footstraps, an army of jibe students (and a few first duck jibes)…it was a great mix, and enormous fun. A big shout out to instructors Pete, Derrick, Tyson and Witt!

Submitted by:Michael    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 22, 2005

The ABK Camps are great! It is incredible that a group of people with dramatically varying skill levels (complete beginners who have never been on a board; intermediate weekend warriors looking for the back foot straps, extra speed on the plane, or to hit more of their turns; and advanced sailors looking to nail the advanced turn or trick move) can attend the same camp and each walk away having achieved their goals and having learned executed additional moves that the instructors knew they they could achieve. We all left the ABK Camp with big smiles pumped for the sailing season, as better high wind sailors, with a number of light wind freestyle moves in our quiver, and more knowledgeable about gear and rigging. The one-on-one instruction and coaching is invaluable; you learn by watching the video analysis of you and your classmates; and you meet a bunch of good people. Many thanks to Sailboard Vacations, Aruba Beach Villas and the island of Aruba for a great visit. Attend an ABK Camp soon – its a great way to get aquainted with new sailing sites and you will advance your sailing skills to the next level and beyond.

Submitted by:David Adams    |   Location:Chicago, IL    |   Attended:Aruba
March 21, 2005

This isn’t really supposed to be a discussion forum, but I just have to respond to an e-mail from David Adams of Chicago, who was also at the March 7-11 Aruba clinic. He thinks I was too negative. I certainly didn’t mean to be. Maybe I should have stressed that the winds there, although light by Aruba standards, were vastly stronger and steadier than I’m used to in central PA. At home I often use a 9.5 m^2 sail and still can’t plane. And I think a wonderful thing about ABK is that when the wind isn’t great for planing, they have a strong and varied repertoire of valuable light wind things to teach. There was only one day in the 5-day clinic when the winds were sub-planing, and even then one could have planed with really big gear. Hey, Aruba’s winds aren’t as good as Bonaire’s — that’s just the way it is. But it was still great. ABK people provide an outstanding windsurfing learning experience regardless of what the weather provides.

Submitted by:Bill van den berg    |   Location:aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Aruba
March 19, 2005

Haven’t touched a board in the last 3 years I was quite skeptical on reaching the goals (water start and planing) I have thought about before attending Bonaire camp this last week (12-19 march)…but thanks to the ABK guys and Derek in particular I did it! Planing on a short board with a 8.0mq sail… The camp was the best thing I have ever done for my windsurfing and I can’t wait to attend the next one!

Submitted by:Stefano Galiani    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 13, 2005
In my book the ABK clinic in Aruba was a rousing success, despite mild winds and my not having sailed since October. It was great seeing Andy and Pete again, and benefitting from their unerring analysis of what’s right and wrong about my moves on the water. The first few days I struggled to get my sea legs again in the gusty winds near the highrise hotels, but got lots of practice waterstarting sails as big as 7.5 m^2, plus I scored my first documented “planing” jibe [came in planing, employed desperate flailing to avoid falling at least twice, but never entirely stopped and sailed out – slowly – clew first]. Pete also explained the planing tack, something I’d never been exposed to. Friday we all got on big boards with 5 m^2 sails and practiced some of the famous ABK light wind stuff which in my case consisted of improving tacks, pivot jibes, sail-360’s, and clew-first jibes. On Saturday, the day after the clinic, the wind was still pretty light but my confidence was up; I took out an 8.5m^2 sail (the biggest Aruba Beach Villas provides) and was able to rip for what seemed like miles. Thanks to Pete’s instruction this clinic and the last one, I was able to steer pretty far upwind or downwind at high speed. ABK rocks!
Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Aruba
February 12, 2005

I was a first time camp attendee in Bonaire 1/29-2/5 2005. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in windsurfing. Day one, I was subjected to mind melt. After 15 years of spotty windsurfing, I had survived by learning a whole lot of bad habits. With lectures and ‘on the water’ instruction, I got better. I think it would have been a whole lot easier for me to start windsurfing with an education in windsurfing. There is truth in the old dog and new tricks cliche. Thanks to all and God Bless Baby Brandt.

Submitted by:Greg Scott    |   Location:Arlington Heights, IL    |   Attended:Bonaire
October 25, 2004

I agreed to go to the camp with my brother while half cocked at a wedding. I had no windsurfing experience at all. I was able to plain the board and hook into the harness the second day with 25mph+ winds blowing. I got to experience “scary fast” Windsurfing is now a sport that I will continue to explore. Andy, Pete, Angela, Kevin thanks! bob Next time you come to jersey or NYC I would love to shoot some windsurfing images. Hit me up.

Submitted by:Bob Martus    |   Location:Brooklyn, NY    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
September 27, 2004

Man! It’s hard to go back to work after an ABK camp! I’m sitting at my desk trying to concentrate, & then drift into “step back, reach back, lean back…”. I’m going to be traveling for work, so I thought my windsurf season would be over after the camp. But now I’m going to see if I can find a sailing site & rental equipment in Asia. If I can get on the water one more time this year, maybe it will come back easier next year. Either way, I will see you guys again some time next year. And by the way Andy, I’ve stopped blaming my equipment.

Submitted by:Ron    |   Location:Corning, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
September 17, 2004

OK, I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody at the Hyannis ABK camps in a couple of weeks. After becoming a devoted disciple of the ABK, I have had more fun on the water than I could have imagined in any and all conditions. Andy, Pete, Sarah, Scott, Patrick, Squirrel, etc. have a gift to pass on to all who are willing to come out and try. The Gulf Stream still keeps the water pretty warm in October, and you might be surprised at the forgiving conditions you will find here in MA. So sign up, and c’mon down!

Submitted by:Cliff Gluck    |   Location:Milton, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 6, 2004

I just signed up for my 2nd Canandaigua camp. I’ve already talked one friend & his wife into attending, & another friend is considering. Last year was so successful for me, & I continued to improve this summer after reviewing the manual & class notes. Looking forward to more of the same.

Submitted by:Ron    |   Location:Corning, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
August 13, 2004

Andy and Pete both warned me that it would be brutal for me, but I attended the July 23-25 camp at Rio anyway. Yup, they told me so. I was too advanced to be in the beginners’ group (who had a nice easy spot on the river), but not as good in chop and high winds as most of the people in the middle group. So I spent a lot of time floating upstream or downstream (depending on the tide), trying to waterstart and keep the river out of my nose. HOWEVER, it was still awesome and I’m already planning on going back next summer. I did get quite proficient at clearing the sail and getting up, and thanks to Pete’s tacking lecture I finally got it through my head what I need to do to nail my shortboard tacks. The day after the camp, I stuck around and rented gear and had a fantastic day on the river on the smallest board I’d ever ridden, blasting upwind against the tide just like I knew what I was doing. Also in the days after the camp, Andy saw me nail me best planing jibe ENTRY ever, and while I was struggling at times several ABK instructors took time out from their play to give me right-on free advice. ABK rocks, and Rio Vista will see me conquer it.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 11, 2004

Please send info on fall clinic in Cape Cod, Jim B. @ Sailworld tells me you WILL teach me how to jybe. Thanks, Pete

Submitted by:Pete Wilson   
August 4, 2004

Had a great time at the Rio Vista camp! Met some good people, learned efficient techniques for jibing and tacking, refined my posture for high-wind sailing and got tips for my land-sailing (skateboard w/ sail). Thanks to Andy, Sarah, Pete, Mark and all the staff. See you next time.

Submitted by:Kyle Larson    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 3, 2004

I’m hooked! I spent my 2nd third and 4th days of windsurfing last weekend and I’m addicted. Excellent camp. The structure of the clinics and lecture is great. Elia is a rad teacher. I plan to be sailing regularly in Berkeley and after sunday’s lecture I am itching to practice sail chi- thanks Andy. Angela, Pete, Sarah, and Mark-thanks for your energy.

Submitted by:Jeff Ennor    |   Location:Berkeley, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 3, 2004

Another awesome camp. I’m already plotting my next. Pete, Andy and Sarah thanks for your incredible patience adn wonderful teaching. I made more jibes in a weekend than I have in my entire last four years of windsurfing and now have the tools to get even better. And Mark – the food was scrumptious! See you again soon…

Submitted by:Julian King    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 2, 2004

I now can plane whenever I want (and get back to slogging if needed); turn the board when planing and keep going afterwards; I can get in both footstraps, bear with gusts and lulls in harness and I am CARVING (it is a wipeout anyway for me at this stage). I also learned that I have tuned my sail wrong. The best thing is that they care you succeed. Thank you guys, see you next time.

Submitted by:Sergey Menshikov    |   Location:San Bruno, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 16, 2004

After a ripping good first day in 5.0 conditions, I was initially disappointed about the light winds on our 2nd day, but, it turned out that I learned quite a bit more on the light wind day than the “good” day! After practicing in the morning on a big board, Pete and Sarah had me doing clew first water starts and planing step-jibes on a short board in the afternoon. I’m still working on my short board tack, but with the training I received in the clinic I know it is just a matter of a little more practice to get my timing right. Thanks Pete and Sarah, your explanations and demos were easy to understand and put to use and I have already improved measureably. Well, gotta go sailing now, ’cause every day of sailing is a great day of sailing…

Submitted by:Scott Lance   
April 17, 2004

“Every day sailing is a great day sailing.” ABK has taught me how true this statement can be. In my five ABK clinics, the instructors have brought me up from a clumsy uphauller / schlogger to a (most of the time!) confident sailor. I can now go scary fast in the straps, my waterstart is almost 100%, and I am working on my planing step jibe. In addition they taught me many light wind skills; my latest accomplishment is the helicopter tack. The clinics are a lot of fun, and I have met some wonderful people. Thank you so much, everyone — especially Andy, Derek, and Pete.

Submitted by:Teresa Poulson    |   Location:Reno, NV    |   Attended:South Padre Island, Texas
April 13, 2004

Andy is the rockstar of windsurfing instructors…..simply the best. He has the unique ability to communicate with students and the patience to help them improve. His humor and animation make the camps fun and interesting. Pete and Derek are also outstanding and tremendously helpful. A windsurfing must do……a no-brainer….can’t wait to attend again next year. Five stars

Submitted by:Bob Milbert    |   Location:South St. Paul, MN    |   Attended:South Padre Island, Texas
March 17, 2004

This was approximately my dozenth ABK “camp”, my second one in Bonaire. If we had more wind in Pennsylvania I’d by very good by now. Almost all the windsurfing technique I’ve learned has come from ABK. This goes back to my first discovering (after no instruction at all for the first 2 years) that there is such a thing as a beach start. Last week was exciting: Andy and Pete pushed me to getting on a 115-liter board [I usually sail on 210 liters at home], and I could really rip on it! Plus I developed a reliable waterstart, even managing to do it once with an 8.0 m^2 sail. I started to get the hang of steering at high speed, and got incrementally closer to the elusive planing jibe. Andy, Sarah, and Pete: thanks for your expert help and warm friendship. See you in New Jersey in May and California in July.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 16, 2004

I just got back from a 9-day stay in Bonaire. The conditions there in March were ideal for developing your skills expeditiously. The ABK instruction is very well-thought out and precise, and delivered in a very friendly and supportive attitude. I strongly recommend it to all levels of windsurfers -particularly beginners like me. In a matter of 5 days, I transitioned from constant uphaul-and-fall to water-start, hook in, get into footstraps and plane! I’ll definitely attend another ABK clinic in the future. Cheers,

Submitted by:Tunc    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Bonaire
March 14, 2004

My wife and I just returned from our first Bonaire ABK camp. It was outstanding! It may well be the best place in the world for beginners and intermediates (warm, shallow, flatwater, steady wind)…Sally finally got into the back footstrap (and liked it), and tuned up her waterstart and tacking. I had fun with some advanced jibes and tacks, but would still occasionally sail off to the deep part of the bay for a little chop hopping. Great instruction, great meeting people, great sailing…we’re coming back next year.

Submitted by:Sally and Michael    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 24, 2004

The ABK Clinic in Bonaire 9-13 Feb.‘04 had far greater impact on my sailing skills than I had anticipated. At first I thought that with so many students (17) and only 3 instructors (including Andy Brandt), it would be impossible to get personalized attention, but that definitely did not turn out to be the case. After the introductory morning and afternoon lectures or demonstrations, the instructors stationed themselves at various places in the bay to view, critique and correct their student’s performance. Then, as each student sailed by, the instructor would comment on what was done wrong or right and send the student back to try again. As it took several minutes for each person to go back out, gain some upwind distance and set up for the next pass, there was plenty of opportunity for one on one discussion with the instructor after each pass. During the late afternoon reviews of the videos, Andy and Peter were absolutely amazing in their ability to forecast a sailor’s future path by his or her body position. For example, as the taped rolled, Andy might make note of a student’s incorrect body position and indicate that said action would lead to a subsequent fall in a certain direction; moments later the tape would show the student falling as Andy had predicted. My only mistake with regard to ABK Clinics has not been to take one earlier.

Submitted by:Michael Ernstoff    |   Location:Los Angeles, CA    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 16, 2004

I was a little skeptical going in about what kind of progress I would make (years of less-than-helpful classes have done that), but the first day was an amazing, awesome day. I made more progress than I had in years! It was by far my best day of windsurfing! I was thunderstruck (and gleeful!), hubby was amazed. Andy is an amazing instructor. The rest of the week was dedicated to more practice (in the footstraps, going scary fast and even making progress up wind!) and starting to think about jibing. We have been home for over a week and I am still dreaming of jibe set-ups ("sailing along having a great day of sailing, because every day of sailing is a great day of sailing, look back, reach back, unhook….) Thanks guys for an awesome camp! I can’t recommend it enough. (And thanks to hubby for taking me and getting his parents to watch the kids so we could go!)

Submitted by:Ruth    |   Location:Sierra Madre, CA    |   Attended:Bonaire
February 9, 2004

Hey! I put my feet in both straps now :) It was incredible to sail upwind with high speed followed Mr. Brandt this time. :P

Submitted by:Thip    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Bonaire
December 8, 2003

More than a year and a half since I attended the clinic in Hatteras, and the memories are still fresh – the laughs, the good food, and the instructors pushing us just a bit further. I can still hear Andy shouting out encouragement/correction/threats as I sail. More importantly were some hidden lessons about life and what matters most. It was a weekend that changed my life, and I will be back for more. Just some place warmer. Thank you again Andy, Sarah and Peter!

Submitted by:Mark Smith    |   Location:Lansing, MI    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
November 24, 2003

WOW. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first signed up. Cliff Tudor pressed me into going, saying it would be more than worth it. He was right. Andy, Pete, and Derrik are the best. They built on what I knew, corrected what I thought I knew, and basically showed me a whole new world on the sport. Since the clinic, all I can think about is getting back on the water to practice all of the new things they’ve shown me. Hopefully by time I get to the next clinic my skills will show through their instruction; taking the next step with them and learning how to be that much better at sailing and freestyle. Pushing me on to that little Saxo broadened my view on the footwork aspect of things, and I can’t wait for some wind to really nail it. This course gave me a tremendous amount of confidence to get that much better, and already there are plans to make more trips, gather more gear, and have more fun. Thanks to the Big Three, Dave and Phillip at Windsurf Inc., and all of the crew in the small (but fun) class of 10!

Submitted by:Donny Wilkins    |   Location:Friendswood, TX    |   Attended:South Padre Island, Texas
October 15, 2003

With the water temp of Lake Erie dipping down into the 50’s, my local windsurfing season is coming to a close(especially since Sarah is not around making baked potaotes for those cold days!). But what a great season it has been! It started in April at the ABK clinic in Cape Hatteras. I went with three goals for the clinic: to improve my waterstarts, get in the straps and jibe! I left the clinic with my waterstarts pretty solid, almost getting in the straps and jibing in light winds. I sailed more than 40 days this summer in all conditions (5-40 mph winds)yes that means I went scary fast!. I closed out my sailing season waterstarting, getting into the straps and completing light wind jibes consistently and actually hitting some jibes in higher winds. Now I plan to work as much as I can while the lake freezes over so I can travel to sail, maybe track down Andy, Pete and Sarah and definitely get that new board I need! Thanks again for a great clinic!

Submitted by:Gail Marinaccio    |   Location:Lockport, NY    |   Attended:Hatteras, North Carolina
October 15, 2003

The ABK clinic was, as usual, so worthwhile. Friday and Saturday were gray and cool, but extremely breezy. I have so little experience with higher winds, that I never know what to rig, but the instructors (Pete DeKay and Andy Brandt) had me rig my 5.0 m^2 sail and put it on a much shorter board than my 335 cm Mistral Malibu. The idea was lateral progression, rather than trying to get better on my own very forgiving gear. It was quite a bit of work, as the clinic always is, but it was, as it always is, a massive dose of instruction that can really advance one’s sailing skill. It was invaluable to me to get on that smaller board, forcing me to confront some bad habits, and to discover the thrill of smaller gear. I actually ended up buying, for a great price, a slightly used Bic Techno 2. Sunday started out gray, but it became a picture-perfect beach day, so everybody peeled at least part way out of their hot wetsuits. The wind was mild, but enough for me to get a lot of practice trying planing jibes with my big board and my old 7.4 m^2 sail. Never did complete one successfully, but I’m getting close. All three days I heard a lot of tips which I hope to internalize, regarding stance, where to look, and especially (on Sunday) what I was doing right and what I needed to change in working up to planing all the way through a jibe. The ABK instructors are amazing in their ability to pinpoint just what you need. Thanks folks, and thanks, Sarah, for saving me lunch on Friday :)

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
October 4, 2003

Home at last after a very long boat ride. To Andy, Pete, Scott, Tom and Sarah. Thank you all for a wonderful time. We certainly got to experience a huge variety of wind ranges. Learned to hang on and attempt a jibe or two on day 1, but that was about all thanks to Isabell. Days 2 and 3 were where we really learned. Take it from a high wind junkie – lightwind freestyle is fun!!!! These guys accomodate all levels and give the attention to each group individually. This is the best money I have spent on windsurfing so far and I can highly recommend ABK.

Submitted by:Ryan Lawson    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
September 28, 2003


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September 28, 2003


Submitted by:    |   Location:CHICAGO, IL   
September 21, 2003

I can’t tell you how glad i am that i went to this clinic! Andy and the guys (and Sara!) were awesome. i felt completely at ease there, even though i am a beginner. I learned how to water start, jibe, and tack! I had no idea i would be able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Thanks to the clinic, i feel more confident about my windsurfing ability and can’t wait to get out on the water. in fact, unlike yesterday (the last day of camp), today is windy. i’ll be hitting the water as soon as school ends! My thanks to ABK and its staff.

Submitted by:Carrie McNeill    |   Location:Canandaigua, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
September 20, 2003

I just returned home from the Canandaigua camp. From the remnants of Hurrican Isabelle the first day to a dead lull the last day (& something in between the 2nd day), the camp was a huge success for me. I learned to waterstart & gained confidence in my tacks & jibes (still not perfect yet, but I’ve got a lot to work on). We also had a blast! Great staff, great campers, well organized, knowledgeable instructors who also know how to teach. Very good at making sure everybody at every ability level gets the appropriate attention. Well worth the time & money. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.

Submitted by:Ron Burt    |   Location:Painted Post, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Tiana, New York
September 10, 2003

A general comment: ABK camp is the greatest thing since the universal joint and sliced bread (on Sarah’s sandwiches!). TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS: JUST DO IT! SIGN UP TODAY!! (even if you THINK you know it all) You won’t regret it.

Submitted by:Clifford D Gluck MD    |   Location:Milton, MA    |   Attended:Hyannis, Massachusetts
September 1, 2003

fantastic camp! Pete, Andy and Sarah epitomize what teaching is all about. They can teach it, demonstrate it and then trouble shoot it for you at any level. From beginners to loopers, everyone came away a better sailor. Thanks a million for a job well done.

Submitted by:bill lawson    |   Location:vail, CO    |   Attended:Denver, Colorado
August 21, 2003

Andy, to eliminate harsh shadows, photograph groups during cloudy or hazy days. To everyone hooked on windsurfing attend a camp you will learn to sail with much less effort, get some basics you thought you knew, do some things on a board you could not or knew not before

Submitted by:Stan    |   Location:San Antonio, TX   
August 4, 2003

Thanks again Corey to taught me all I want to know (for now) :P I can water start after my 1st camp with ABK. For my 2nd camp, I learned to beach start, tack, sail clew first and pivot jibe even through I can’t do it perfect. But I will practice more often. One more thing, all of staff are very friendly. This is what I liked best. Sarah and John supported us very well all foods. They were very organized. Thanks again and waiting to see you all next year. :)

Submitted by:Thip    |   Location:SF, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
August 3, 2003

Hello, I want to thank you all for a great camp. I attended the Rio Vista camp. I was hoping to have high wind so that I would have a better opportunity to refine my windsurfing. Unfortunately, the wind was not cooperative. But I did find that the lectures were so well done as well as the simulator sessions, that one does not need the high wind to learn the techniques. In addition, the light wind techniques were incredibly fun and open a wider opportunity to go windsurfing. I found that I don’t always need high wind to enjoy windsurfing. The free style techniques were incredibly challenging and a lot of fun. Finally, one cannot say enough about Andy Brandt and his teaching techniques. I have been in education for a number of years and I have learned from many fine educators. I have to say that Andy employs many of the techniques utilized by professional educators that help one understand and remember the facts being presented. It is clear that Andy not only enjoys windsurfing but enjoys the art of teaching it. he doesn’t just tell you that this is what you do, he explains why it should be done that way and how you can remember it. He is a great windsurfer but probably even better teacher.

Submitted by:Ken Drobatz    |   Location:Lansdowne, PA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 27, 2003

Thank you Pete and Corey for teaching me how to water start, use harness, tacks etc. I had a great time this weekend. The first day was the best day for me because the water start was my goal for this camping and I done it. :) Anyway, I need to improve what you guys taught me this weekend also my husband (Mark) want to try new stuff. So see you guys next weekend. ;) Thip

Submitted by:Thip    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 22, 2003

I came to camp hoping for high wind since I don’t get much of that here in San Diego. Well we had one good session of wind where I learned to break some bad habits I had before. The best surprise of camp though was all the fun light wind stuff I learned. I never dreamed I could be doing lee-side sailing, fin-first, heli-tacks. Also I just helped my tacks and pivot-jibes get more solid. I will now always have fun sailing, even if there is not enough wind to plane I will be able to work on sail-handling with all the cool freestyle stuff Andy and Peter taught me. I can’t recommend this camp highly enough to anyone who windsurfs or wants to learn.

Submitted by:Kirk Robertson    |   Location:San Diego, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 14, 2003

I had a blast! Great people, food, instruction and location. Litlte light on the wind, but hey we had a great time anyway. I had a goal to learn to water start, and with the guidance of Pete and Peter I made it! Yeah and thanks! For me the bonus of the weekend was finding some new windsurfing buds.

Submitted by:Kimberly Carroll    |   Location:San Anselmo, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 7, 2003

Great camp. Much appreciation to Andy and Corey as confidence-builders — thanks for giving me a sense of what’s possible. I don’t know what Dasher’s waterstart video has to offer, but there should be a market for Corey’s approach — clear, easy to understand, and effective. ’Til I see you next time — soon, I hope — thanks again for everything.

Submitted by:Andy Miller    |   Location:Vallejo, CA    |   Attended:Rio Vista, California
July 6, 2003

I came to camp to try new stuff, I left having fallen a lot but doing new stuff, I am now sailing at home, continually trying & completing new stuff. Should have taken notes though…rats. I will be back. Great Camp!

Submitted by:Ted Geddert    |   Location:Winnipeg, ON    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
June 20, 2003

Friday and Saturday were cold, gray, and nearly calm, but there was still no place else I’d rather have been than than at an ABK camp. Sunday was warm, with brilliant sun and a steady light breeze. Pete DeKay showed me how to do a backwind jibe, which is now my favorite light-wind move to work on because I can actually make quite a few and stay dry. It was my tenth ABK camp since May 2000. Andy, Sarah, Pete, Scott and the gang are great teachers, and the nicest people to be around. I would be really good by now if I could ever practice; in the 9 weeks since Dewey Beach I have been windsurfing exactly 7 times for 1-3 hours each time. Total time planing in the straps: about 5-10 minutes. Next ABK camp (Dewey Beach, October 2003), I WILL nail a planing jibe (wind willing)! P.S. This site is much more legible in Internet Explorer than Netscape 4.

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA    |   Attended:Dewey Beach, Delaware
June 2, 2003

Thanks Sarah, Andy, Peter, Tyson and all of the other ABK staff for opening me the real world of windsurfing. I had a great time, met wonderful people and gained a lot more knowledge of the sport. i hope to see you again some time soon. Have fun! —alex

Submitted by:Alex Barilov    |   Location:Saratoga, CA    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
June 2, 2003

Thanks to Sara, Andy, Peter, Tyson, they gave a lot of encouragement by teaching me new techniques and fixing a lot of my errors. Now I know what to do for at least a year ahead :). Your work is great. Even though there was not enough wind, those were the three busiest windsurfing days I ever had. I enjoyed communication with all the other campers that share my passion so much. Keep up good work. See you again some time… —ignat

Submitted by:    |   Location:San Jose, CA    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
May 29, 2003

The Long Island camp was an amazing thing to watch, much less be in. There were people working on their first tacks, people working on waterstarts, and people working on Willy Skippers, all getting lots of on-the-water attention, and all learning. Me, I got my duck jibe down while struggling with a new jibe (for me)…switchstance jibing. Also, I always like the sailing instruction on the days with nonplaning wind…Andy and mob keep it interesting! The Long Island location (Tiana Bay) is a great spot for learning…it’s waist deep for miles,and good for all wind directions. Anyhow…great camp!

Submitted by:Michael Alex    |   Location:New York, NY    |   Attended:Long Island-Napeague, New York
May 4, 2003

I just got back from AC clinic and had a few thoughts. For all of you who, like me, sail whenever you can find the time, but typically migrate to Hatteras or some other Mecca once or twice a year, craving high wind so you can just go real fast, heading off into the distance, sometimes in the footstraps (a blind mouse occasionaly finds some cheese), falling off your board with a failed tack or jibe attempt (when you can’t quite make out which house is yours anymore and get a little nervous because you realize that in your exhilaration you’ve been sailing downwind because you really don’t know how to sail upwind efficiently), then uphauling (after several energy draining, frustrating attmpted waterstarts), only to start the long process of working your way upwind again………….. AND never really took the time to truly LEARN how to sail, then it’s time to ABK (Actually Bordsail Korrectly)! Andy, Sarah, Scott and Pete created a comfortable environment to take a good look at your skills (or lack, thereof) with plenty of humor in the detailed but understandable interactive presentations ("any day sailin’ is a good day sailin’) which were followed by on water practice/teaching sessions which were videoed for evening entertainment. They really know what they’re doing, but better yet know how to teach you to do it. I went to the clinic with the goals of learning to tack , jibe, waterstart sail upwind in the straps and have fun, and I accomplished all. I’m going back for more, and will probably bring my children next time ( If we are repeat campers, do we get to pet Rio?) Thanks.

Submitted by:Fred Liss    |   Location:Malvern, PA    |   Attended:West Atlantic City, New Jersey
May 4, 2003

My wife and I just returned from the May 2-4 clinic. We both started out with a beginner group lesson in Ocean City, MD about 5 years ago. I finally purchased some used gear 2 years ago and felt limited with my long board tacks, 1 rear footstrap, and harness abilities. The clinic allowed me to experience 3 days on a long – short board, master shallow water starts, pivot jibe 80 percent of the time in light wind, become very comfortable in the harness, and give me at least a season’s worth of skills to continue to work on until my next clinic. I’ve tried reading books, downloading tutorials… but there is no substitute for an experienced instructor. My wife Michele also met her goals. She now knows how to tack and isn’t as fearful about getting back to the launch site where she has left me with the 2 kids. I think she’ll be able to go out in light winds and have fun without fear. Thanks to Andy, Sara, Peter, and Scott for a great 3 day experience!!

Submitted by:Ian Cole    |   Location:Southampton, PA    |   Attended:West Atlantic City, New Jersey
April 25, 2003

Had a blast at the camp I attended last summer, and had the opportunity to fine tune my technique in Aruba this winter. Got my waterstarts and footstraps down, now I’m ready to jibe! For anyone interested in learning the sport or perfecting technique, and ABK camp is an absolute must! Andy and his crew do a fine job, and he’s a nice guy to boot. Bonus!

Submitted by:Cary Hayes    |   Location:Chicago, IL   
April 17, 2003

I’m an alumni from a few CA camps many years ago, and recently received your post card. I’m so happy to hear the news of Andy’s new purchase. With Andy at the helm, I’m sure I’ll be attending future ABK camps to take advantage of the great instruction.

Submitted by:Cappy Pottorff    |   Location:San Francisco, CA   
March 9, 2003

I had been windsurfing for many years with essentially no instruction except the occasional brief tips from the windsurfing magazines and watching others with bad sailing techniques. I attributed much of my inablility in technique to not having the right equipment. Therefore, I would continually search and purchase new equipment. This procedure helped a little. However, I began to realize I was on the wrong track. I asked myself why so and so on old equipment was able to perform maneuvers I could not on my new equipment. Don’t get me wrong, new stuff helps but it was not the ultimate answer for me by a long shot. At one point I attended an ABK camp, and then another and then another, etc., etc.. It was difficult for me to trust and actually institute what I was being taught at ABK. The difficulty was that long time bad habits are inately hard to let go. However, once I let my ego go, I actively started training and practicing the ABK model. Then a sort of cosmic shift happened to me. Techniques that frustratingly seemed to be beyond me forever began to work for me. Techniques like, tacking, jibing into sailing clew first, beach and waterstarting clew first, jibing continuously on a plane, sailing and jibing an 86 liter board, jumping, back wind sailing, sailing fin first, etc. To date, my biggest mistake in windsurfing was not getting ABK instruction sooner. In conclusion, ABK has put me on track in curing my past disdain for my inept repetoire of sailing techniques. Now, I am sick and tired of watching others make the same redundant mistakes in technique just as I had. So, I am writing this to tell those of you who have disdain for your current sailing abilities that I do too. So, please go to an ABK camp or two or three. And await the cosmic shift.

Submitted by:Franz Klein   
February 20, 2003

I had a great time, you guys Rock!!!!

Submitted by:Mariano Ferrario    |   Location:San Francisco, CA    |   Attended:San Luis Reservoir, California
June 12, 2002

Andy & Staff, I had a great time at your Atlantic City Camp-Tornado and all >:O yikes! Thanks Scott for making it easy, even for a beginner. I might have to do this thing more often.

Submitted by:Annie Daly    |   Location:Huntington, NY   
May 22, 2002

When the wind boycotted the Corpus Christi clinic this year, I didn’t care. And boy was I rewarded! I have been really practicing all the low wind techniques I learned from Andy, Pete, Sarah, Ben and the whole ABK faculty, most especially Derek. And man did it pay off when the wind came up this month! I went to nail down my step gybe. I came back with carving gybes and tacks, high wind pivot gybes too! Thanks! I’ll be back.

Submitted by:Maury Jacob    |   Location:Bryan, TX   
May 12, 2002

My husband & I had a super time at your Cape Cod clinic and we all got really lucky with the wind & weather for the first two days. Andy and Pete are born to teach and did a terrific job with everyone. The entire staff worked hard to make us all feel enthusiastic and capable. Thanks for a great time. See you again in the future.

Submitted by:Beth Coale    |   Location:Holland, PA   
May 2, 2002

I had the worst cold but I couldn’t miss it, I had to go to Dewey….I’m glad I did. Dewey weather ran the gamut from sun, cloudy cold, rain, wind, not much wind, more rain, more sun and more wind but you all were steady and positive throughout. For me that was inspirational. Especially when that Rented truck came rolling in Sunday morning! You got me off my ass despite my cold and helped revive my enthusiasm for the sport. I was struggling with some simple maneuver and as I was realizing just how truly talented you all are I looked across the water at Tyson sailing around on one foot….it just made me laugh! Thanks Scotty, Tyson, Sarah, Andy, Peter and Rocket Scientist. I had a memorable time, you definitely improved my sailing and I’ll be back I’m sure.

Submitted by:Mike McCullough    |   Location:Washington, DC   
April 10, 2001

I’ve been sailing 3 to 4 years, have sailed all over the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe and have probably spent at least $15 to $20k on equipment, magazines and travel. The sad part is that until last week, i had never completed a jibe on a shortboard. Thanks to Andy, Ben and Pete and the rest of the ABK staff in Lake Texana, however, i completed my first jibe last week and am now on my way to getting over that mental hurdle. Terrific job guys.

Submitted by:James Meneely    |   Location:Houston, TX   
November 2, 2000

Took the course in Keego Harbor, Mi in September 2000 was AWSOME. froze my butt, got blown across the lake, got thoroughly ticked at my not “getting” beach starts, ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT :) :) If you’re thinking about going, DO IT, sign up!! great instructors, good food, commaradery, and the wild women of Keego Harbour!!!! who could ask for more :) See you on the water

Submitted by:John Bureau    |   Location:Tillsonburg, ON   
May 19, 2000

Thanks for a great weekend at Long Beach Island, NJ. I felt pretty clumsy doing all that new stuff, and I got tired of working so hard in light wind, BUT this past week we had some great wind here at home and I discovered I could actually DO the things you guys taught me. I’ll definitely be back. Bonaire..??

Submitted by:Bill van den Berg    |   Location:Aaronsburg, PA   
April 9, 2000

Thank you for being part of the women’s instructional weekend at Bird Island Basin, Corpus. It was great fun. Sarah and Andy are primo instructors. Thanks for the prizes thrown in, too. Hope to met up again sometime. ginny Walters, Yoga instructor and boardhead.

Submitted by:Ginny Walters    |   Location:Cleveland, OH   
February 1, 2000

any progress this old duffer has made is due to abk. i’m looking forward to shredding and freestyle with derek and andy at dewey in may

Submitted by:Millard Alexander    |   Location:Bethesda, MD